2,5 months since the last post…..my only excuse is an extremely hot summer and other, more pressing, jobs….but I am back with a vengeance 😀


Sweden is amazing when it comes to design and designers, within fashion as well as interiors. Since there are loads of pretty young women (and a handful of pretty young men) who are experts in the fashion industry, I rest my case and concentrate on the lovely interior design instead 🙂 One of my favorites is G.A.D


G.A.D. is short for Gute, Art & Design.”Gute” stands for Gotland, the picturesque Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. It’s a lovely place to visit (some people call it Sweden’s Mallorca, but I wouldn’t go as far as that…) with a long and very exciting history of vikings, wars and handicrafts.


The company is owned by Kristian Eriksson who also designs most of the stylish products.


Havdhem is the popular bench with practical drawers under the seat. It comes in two standard sizes: two or four drawers long. The seat is upholstered with black leather as standard. Other options are fabric of choice or fleece.


G.A.D furniture is made of 100 % natural materials: birch, oak, limestone, lamb skin, leather, granite and woolen fabrics. For a person who enjoys some  blonde Scandinvian wood, this is the company to check out. Every piece of furniture is meticulously built and guaranteed to last many future generations.


Bläse is name of a series of grafic and elegant coffee tables. The dimensions of the frame matches the thickness of top perfectly. The distance between top and frame gives the table a light feeling despite its generous measurements. Bläse comes in three models; a small rectangular one that measures 82×50 cm, a larger rectangular with ”double length” 160×50 cm. The larger table comes with a wooden shelf half the length of the table. So elegant!


Fårö is our the classic and winner of “Excellent Swedish Design” award. The stool and bench are upholstered by a mix of horse hair and natural rubber and depending on size, covered with one or two carefully matched fleeces. The fleeces are vegetable tanned and comes from Gotlandic sheep. A painted base is optional. I WAAAAAANNNNNTTTT!


Hejnum is a popular coffee table in many shapes and sizes with a characteristic tabletop and lower wooden shelf. The shelf is narrower than the top to leave plenty of leg room. The base comes in birch or oak and the top in wood, limestone or black granite (granite is only available for the square and rectangular tables). The birch is treated with white pigmented oil or soap and the oak with natural oil or soap as standard. Other surface treatments or paint is optional.





The shop has an array of smaller pieces by different designers. It’s the perfect place for gift shopping! Like a toy store for adults 😀


Just love those elegant trivets. I couldn’t stop myself from buying the STOCKHOLM.


Lovely vases


Nordiska Ullmärken is a company that collects the finest brands of wool wear. These products are for sale in the G.A.D store.

DSC_6187DSC_6188Owner Anette Stillner modeled this lovely coat which is a design by Sirri and made of the finest Gotland wool.    ”The idea behind Sirri is to utilize the natural resource availabe in the Faroe Islands – to use the Faroese wool and create a product which is unique and which acquires a special significance for the user. Sirri is a brand which only deals with products made out of Faroese wool. Sirri began its activities in 2000 and since then the purpose of our production  has been to produce different modern designs created by Faroese and  international designers. The international designers have visited  Sirri as a part of their design-education. The garments are machine-knitted or woven and then fulled according to traditional methods. This procedure ensures that the garment is wind- and waterresistant while it maintains its soft and warm texture. 

Our line of products is in constant development as new designs are added regularly. At present we have over 150 different garments to choose from in one or more of the five basic colours of the Faroese wool. Neither the wool nor the garments are dyed, and therefore no two garments from Sirri are identical in colour. 

Sirri is the invisible tie between man and sheep. When the Faroese shepherd calls ‘sirri, sirri, sirri’ the sheep come running.”




The perfect choice for anybody who lives in a cold country.


Ciao for now. I assure you that I will post interesting thing on a regular basis from now on. I PROMISE <3







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