Fredriksborgs Fortress


Photo: Peter Nerström

On the outskirts of Stockholm, way out on Värmdö, the 1800-century fortress has sprung to life and now boasts a beautiful little boutique hotel, a restaurant, a conservatory and an open-air eating place on the large jetty. The fort itself is in excellent shape and has been turned into a gallery.


Fredriksborg’s Hotel & Restaurant opened its doors to the public in a grand environment by Oxdjupet in northern Värmdö. Eva and Thomas Persson has brought the old fort to life with a large dose of personality and a whole lotta joy.


The 18th century fortress has undergone an extensive and careful renovation under the strict eye of architect Sven Ahlsén, who has done his utmost to make the hotel charming beyond words. A mere handful of private and very nicely appointed rooms look out over the water. The view of Solöfjärden is magnificent! Apart from the lovely hotel – originally designed in the mid-1700s by architect Carl Hårleman who was super famous at the time – there are several exceptional buildings. A “must see” 🙂

DSC_8304So romantic!

DSC_8302Lovely! I hope to go there in a month’s time and maybe – just MAYBE – I’ll get to stay in this room….


The restaurant seats 75 and is spread over three rooms: The Hårleman room, The Hall and The Stove room. Chefs Naomi Sanchez and Tom Karlsson are responsible for food and beverages in the restaurant as well as the conservatory and the jetty. Most foods (???) are produced locally and Naomi & Tom have partnered up with several local producers. Naturally the bread is home made and the herbs home grown.

– In the future we plan to grow our own vegetables as well, says Naomi proudly.


The courtyard sports a conservatory with a breathtaking view of the inlet to Stockholm. Here you can eat a light meal or simply enjoy a cup of coffee. Down the hill toward the water you can take a time out on the large jetty which is furnished with comfortable lounge chairs and sun loungers.

DSC_8312My dear friend, the very famous Stefan Nilsson is always hard at work and busy as a bee. AND funny as well, we always have heaps of fun together!




The fortress itself is party to all kinds of exhibitions. The first person to show his work is photographer Jonas Borg. Many photos over a period of ten years are exhibited on the rounded stone walls. Second in line to show her work is the very famous singer and painter Sara Varga, who will attend the opening of her own show on the 11th of August and sing a song or two. All performances take place outdoors with the Baltic Sea in the background. At Fredriksborg they assure me that the bbq’s will be smoking hot and filled with delicacies of all kinds.

164781_19972398The gorgeous Sara Varga.


Another of the lovely rooms. As you can see not one is like the other and instead of numbers the room all have names. So quaint.


The Swedish summer is painfully short and we like to be outdoors as much as possible. So far it’s been unusually nice, warm and dry and I sure hope it stays that way throughout August.


I am on my way to Mallorca with my man (I’m actually writing this on the plane, way above the clouds) and for the next couple weeks my blog will be taken care of by my little friend Casey, who will give you continuous updates from our trip. So long 😀

DSC_8219Actually we landed 10 hrs ago, and it’s taken ages to get this post up and running. Mallorca is a dream and this is where I want to grow old with my darling Pelle. Life is sweet.



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