Formex – the Swedish goodie fair

Formex is a fair that happens twice a year in Stockholm. It seems to get larger and larger as the years pass by, and even though it’s a terrible consumers paradise I always find a lot of nice stuff to blog about. As the materialist I am…..

DSC_6670I know most foreigners love lamps and furniture made of antlers and/or roughly cut pieces of wood (not my style tho’). These lamps and candleholders are made from reindeer antlers and can be acquired through a company called Lapland  Wild Design.


Lisa Bengtsson is a Swedish designer who has been extremely successful the past four years. Her prints have taken Scandinavia by storm and nowadays you find her floral patterns and royal dachshunds in every major design store.


Anne Taintor ”has been making smart people smile since 1985”. I love the flasks!

DSC_6673Metal candle holders from Månforsen Design. They are tall and sleek and fit well into every elegant home, whether you live here or there.

DSC_6631How about a gazebo DeLuxe in your backyard? This s a beautiful piece of garden architecture by Bossons. They have many different kinds of garden houses but this is the jewel in the crown. Victoria comes in different sizes and can easily be an extention to your house (if you live in a warm climate…).

DSC_6628Really cosy, isn’t it!

And talking of gardens these little beauties should brighten every flower bed and/or vegetable patch. And hopefully they keep the birds away, but I cannot promise that. Unfortunately Skyrups website is only in Swedish.


German company Koziol manufacture modern plastic items for the home. I enjoyed the imaginative way they showcased their products 🙂

DSC_6525My collegue and friend Annika is a true multi-tasker. She managed to do the fair whilst applying the last touch to one of her magazines (she is responsible for three!)

DSC_6663These glasses might look like any ol’ sunglasses but they are not. Some of the frames are made of cotton and others of bamboo. They are so light you can hardly feel them on your nose. Monkeyglasses is a Danish company clever enough to have an English page on their web site.


Bea Szenfeld is a talented fashion designer who belongs to the old school. She draws everything by hand and it is a joy to see her work. You HAVE to check her web site!!! Bea is very famous in Sweden and has acquired even more fame thanks to her magnificent clothes made out of paper:




Amazing aren’t they! She even made a swimsuit out of paper. The dresses are – believe it not – perfectly wearable as long as one stays clear of candles and rain…..


She is a marvelous and futuristic designer who never ceases to surprise us. At Formex she showcased her four new Hello Kitty-patterns and boy are they cute!

DSC_6657Heeeeellllllooooooooo KITTY!

DSC_6648Well HELLO! I have no idea what this is supposed to be but it sure was a strange sight and I couldn’t help myself……..


….there are a lot of imaginative designers out there….


Ok, time to get serious again. I mentioned Sagaform in my last post and the reason I bring them up again it because I like their household items a lot. Here you can buy designer products at a relatively low price. The egg cups are new for 2013 and the wasp-catcher is a must for hot sunny days.

DSC_6495Birdy nam nam.


Left: a pretty tea light holder and above: pretty vases.


And of course: I have to give Tove Adman another push. The concrete box is heavy but supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

DSC_6485So, bye for now from Steffi and me. Woff.


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