Fira d’artisans d’Alaró part dos.

Since it was a day and night of fun, I need to write about this twice!


The crockery is so lovely! I always buy a lot of stuff that I have to give away to various friends. There is a limit to how many bowls one can have!


This time I only bought 4 smaller bowls……I just can’t resist the pretty colors and cheap price 🙂


Homemade monkeys only 8 euro. Wish I had a small child all over again….


Some nice person made sure that the elderly and very elegant ladies of Alaró could rest their legs, backs and feet.


And of course, what would a fiesta in this village be without a touch of demonism…


One of the police officers in Alaro makes homeopathic brews in his free time. A friend of mine who’s had cancer most of his life (he is 63) tells me the stuff is amazing!

DSC_8844DSC_8837Not only does he brew his concoctions in old fashion copper distillers, but he is cute as well!

Aparantly he has his own shop now, although I have yet to find it.





More food. The sobrassada is a famous Mallorquine sausage that is highly popular. It is very orange and tastes slightly tart. Although I like tart, this is not picante enough for me …sorry all my dear Spanish friends….btw, the woman to the left is the newly appointed mayor of the town. Aina is now el presidente!


Kurma is the name of a shop in the village that sells Indian stuff. Simply lovely!


Here we had some fabulous spring rolls! Unfortunately the man sold out way to quickly, and I suppose that’s why he looks so morose. Probably realized he should have made another batch – at least!


Helens first Alaró fiesta. She was mighty entertained!

DSC_8911DSC_8922There is a statue on the plaza where all the children love to play. There is always a kid or more climbing around on it. This day was no exception 🙂

And I must say, the mothers are cool as cucumbers…



Paco the cool dude is way more photogenic that I could ever have imagined!


DSC_8883And, of course, what is a fiesta in Mallorca without an animal or two. Usually it’s the devil that’s let out to play. This day they chose a donkey, actually a smoking donkey!

Sometimes the participants run out of steam…



Lovely Sofia Ise opened her mouth and totally blew me away. She should sing for everybody in the whole wide world. At this point I wish I were a talent scout!


Pretty flowers for a gifted singer.


Later that evening we came across a few more gifted singers. Aurora and her daughter Rochelle are fab!


Sweet Rochelle!




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