Fiona – wallpaper deluxe


Fiona Walldesign is an exclusive company who has produced beautiful high end wallpaper since the 20th century. The Danish company and is one of the leading wallpaper brands in Europe. The wallpapers are manufactured in their new factory in Poland, which happens to be one of Europe’s most modern wallpaper factories.

DSCN1492The press event was quite charming as important people from the company held little speeches about the collection to come: The Royal Collection.


Christian Henningsson from Fiona was inspiring and the journalists and stylists were in awe this bright sunny morning.

DSCN1483Lex snapping some pics of the champagne of which I had none, way too early for me at 8.30 in the morning 🙂

DSCN1482Four rooms in four completely different styles were depicted, I would call this one ”The Boudoir”. The Royal Collection in inspired by the Scandinavian genre ”Nordic Noir” and the results are quite nice. Designer is Danish Elsa Krogh

DSCN1504The color scheme is subtle and made me think of the 40’s.

DSCN1490Camilla Julner & Lisa Kruse were bright and happy this morning. It’s always nice to start the day drinking coffee in really exclusive cups from Royal Copenhagen (we keep it Nordic!)

DSCN1489Champagne with strawberries for somebody, not me though…I love strawberries but I think I have developed an allergy. When I eat them my lips swell up and I look like a grotesque lip job gone bad.

DSCN1495Lovely Alexandra was the stylist of the day, she made a swell job of decorating the four different showcases.

DSCN1494Very famous stylist Tone Rörseth checks out the seven different prints in the Royal Collection.

DSCN1503Of course Stefan Nilsson had to have his 10 minutes. Funny as always (plus he’s got a great voice). I just love the dresses on the screen, looks like Lacroix but since he doesn’t do fashion any more (he’s into hotels in Paris nowadays) it can’t be him. Don’t remember who the designer is though…..Versace perhaps…?

DSCN1491In awe….



DSCN1497Inspiration for the Royal Collection.



Another happy face this lovely morning. Christina Breeze Le Guellaff was brighter than the sunshine that day.

The Royal Collection hit the shops in August (and for you who live abroad they can be found on Prices range from 310 sek to 545 sek per roll.


If you wonder why I am such a lazy blogger girl its’s because I’m on holiday (finally) and spend most of my time fixing up my summer cottage. Right now I am painting the kitchen. My next project is the outhouse (bog?) which really needs a paint job. In between -time I have my hand deep in the soil of my lovely lovely garden. Nothing makes me happier than getting my hands all earthy. ciao!




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