Fiesta Grande Finale


Mallorca, and Spain, is a fiesta crazed country, every other weekend is a happening in some form, may it be food, saints, art or music. Every village has their own and Alaró is certainly one of the more active. The big fiesta week goes off in August when everybody is on holiday (and also when the islands is at it’s hottest!!!!). Each day is a huge party and people drink, eat and dance as it it were the end of time. We live on top of the village and were mighty happy to see the end of this spectacle that goes on and on until early morning. The noise goes straight up the hill into our bedroom…….Thank GOD for ear plugs!!!!!


This particular evening we took a slow stroll down to the village plaza, to see what all the buzz was about.



Junk food and sweet stalls lined the narrow streets, and lo and behold! Some of those slush puppies had alcohol in them :-O


The young guns were all fired up, looking forward to another great fiesta finale.


While the shops around the plaza were not….most of them had boarded up both windows and doors.


The shopkeepers are not the only ones that abhor the fireworks, the poor dogs are shitting themselves during these times. Steffie’s probably one of the most frightened.


And this is the reason why. The whole place was charged with fireworks, both big and small. Every tree, wall and street sign was loaded with rockets of every size, shape and color.


Everybody was in a great party mode. Even the children had their fill of entertainment.






But first out were the men dressed as female ballet dancers. Prancing around the street to the sound of beating drums and flutes, they made a spectacle of themselves (or so WE  thought). I still haven’t figured our what they were celebrating, but these dancers pop up whenever there is a happening of some kind.









Enter some kind of church procession. We followed the crowd in to the magnificent village church (though it’s more like a cathedral actually).

DSC_2290The priests were lined up, attired in their finest frocks, looking suave.

DSC_2319The dancing men did a little number around an ancient wooden figure of The Virgin Mary, of which we understood little or nothing at all. Whatever, it was thoroughly entertaining 😀



When the show was over the congregation all moved in to touch the virgin, for luck I suppose, so I did the same. Never know when you might need it, do you? And then mothers with very young children started lifting the kids back and forth across the virgin. That might be the answer to the extreme longevity of the citizens of Alaró.


Then we proceeded to the far corner of the square to check on the starring character – the devil, disguised as a dragon. He is always the star of the show and the villagers sing his praise at every fiesta (?)


He is quite large and the kids adore him. They probably have a name for him as well, I shall enquire at the Town Hall.

DSC_2369They stick fireworks on the monster as well. He always comes in last and ends the show in a crescendo.

DSC_2370Yesssssss, the children love their village devil.


Our next door neighbors have experienced this bonanza for years and years. They told us that the extravagance of the fireworks get less and less for each passing year, but for us it was a quite huge! I mean, these things just don’t happen in Swedish towns, let alone in a village of 5000.


Don Pelle with lovely daughter Amanda enjoyed the show.

DSC_2433DSC_2240So did Arno from Berlin and myself.


Once all hell broke loose everybody had to cover themselves up, unless one didn’t mind setting ones hair on fire..


It got crazier and crazier…


 Like some kind of crazed devils worship procession.


Which, I suppose, it was in a way, as they brought out Mr Monster to end the week-long fiesta in such a bombastic manner.


No wonder we had to get drunk after that!

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