It is NOT as cold as we were told. Some days are chillier than others but as it’s sunny 90 % of the time we get to enjoy many a nice coffee on the patio. The roses are starting to bloom and my garden project is well under way. In January I sowed some poppy seeds but unfortunately in a spot where the dog loves to jump about so I’m afraid my idea of a pretty poppy bed is more or less out of the picture. Damn dog 🙁

DSCN2185Anyhow, this past week we had our very first visitors. The Dons lovely daughter Amanda and her boyfriend Mikko enjoyed four days of sunshine, shopping and good food.

DSCN2187On Sunday we went to the fantastic second hand market in Consell. It’s a wonder for materialistic individuals such as myself and I can guarantee that you can spend a whole lot of money if you aren’t careful.

DSCN2195Luckily I didn’t bring much cash, so I was kept on a short leash…

DSCN2198Everything’s for sale…


…everything….”oops, I forgot to bring the truck…”-stuff too.

DSCN2203Amanda and Mikko were gobsmacked 🙂

DSCN2194Asparagus in it’s purest form.

DSCN2196Brass letters at 25 € a piece. Waaaay too expensive but everybody expects you to haggle about the price so maybe next time. I liked them a lot.


I did buy a couple of kitch guilded angle shelves though. They were only 5 € a piece.

DSCN2199And of course they sold bread as well. Freshly baked and delicious, as always.

DSCN2191Don Pelle had a whiff of nostalgia, ol’ rock & roll star as he is (although I don’t think he wore platform shoes on stage….)

DSCN2192Anybody for a rusty saw?

DSCN2193Or a gun?

DSCN2240Then we moved on to Palma.

DSCN2234The city that sports some of the worlds prettiest buildings.



The young ones were curious of course.

DSCN2222Don Pelle and I sealed our fate on the bridge, much like many other couples before us. The next day our lock was gone as it wasn’t attached properly…hmmm….but I refuse to take it as an omen, the next padlock will be a whole lot sturdier. I’ll see to that!


DSCN2226I won’t bore you with a zillion photos of Palma today. Just a few…..Some birds are caged and extremely unhappy….

DSCN2232….while others are free to come and go as they please.

DSCN2247We ended the day at one of Palmas best restaurants, Tast. It’s a cool place with friendly oldish waiters who serve luxury tapas:                                                                                           ”Tast Restaurants (there are 2) in Palma de Mallorca offer creative ‘pinchos’, tapas and Mediterranean cuisine at great value for money. At Tast you can enjoy a bite to eat at any time of the day; in true Spanish ‘taberna’ style, customers are equally as welcome to come in and have a beer and a pincho, as they are to order a full meal.”

DSCN2250Yyyyuuuuummmmmiiiieeeee. We ate and ate and ate until our stomachs popped. AND it didn’t even cost that much. We were pleasantly surprised when the check arrived.

DSCN2238Spring is here and birds are a-singing and roses are a-budding, so I have to go out and enjoy the sun. Stay tuned friends!

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