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A few weeks ago work started with a vengeance, therefore my absence from this blog. During summer the Swedish press industry takes a pretty long time-out; the whole month of July and way into August, but when we all come back from our various vacations it’s hard work from day one. So, a few press agencies had happenings in their showrooms and I dropped in to check out some new fine design.

DSCN1655Pretty crockery from Rif Design. I’ve mentioned them before; they import their products from Marocco.


I just looooove the dresser Abisko from Mavis möbler. It’s a beautiful design by Sabina Grubbeson. Abisko comes in different shapes and sizes and fits in to any stylish home.


 Also Mavis.


ABC Collection are best known for their pretty cushions, but they make some really nice furniture as well.                                                                                                                          ”The passion for fabrics has ever since the start in 1988 been a great source of inspiration. It can be the beautiful lustre of silk or the subtle colours in a classic flower print that makes one happy. We provide products for both a classic and a modern look with that special ABC touch. We design and produce everything ourselves and have a well established collaboration with wearers through out Europe since 17 years.                       Our first product was the pile throw, it is made from the very best quality pile and comes in a wide range of combinations. These throws are always in style and have now become classic or as one of our clients put it; ”a necessity in every mans home”.                               First out in our line of furniture was the Emmachair, a classic beauty with nice legs. It is a traditional piece with roots from the 1830´s. We have now expanded our collection with a number of armchairs and sofas in a more modern design.                                                 Most of our furniture is small and easy to fit in a room.”

The throw is a soft mohair blanket from Foxford.

DSCN1657       DSCN1658  
Also Rif Design, isn’t it pretty!

DSCN1669Theodor X-mas tea. The cans are wonderful! I suppose the tea tastes of cloves and other christmassy flavors 🙂 Check out there website – it’s really classy!

DSCN1662This lovely fur jacket is design by PG Elfström. It’s hilariously expensive and now that I am about to move to Mallorca it’s way out of line, but I really like it! Be sure to check out the website, there is a cute story behind it all.


Pia Schönemyr from Sverigeskafferiet always has a big smile for me.


She, her husband Lasse Schönemyr and their son Hampus run a true family company! They started out some years ago and there’s no end to their imagination in the food department. They manufacture and sell oils, gourmet sauces, jams, glazes and various smoked products. YUM!

DSCN1693      DSCN1689      DSCN1672
Left: A chair upholstered in a Nadja Wedin print. Gorgeous! Middle: Eva from ABC Collection and her Emma chair upholstered in Missoni, a collaboration she is mighty proud of (and I can’t say I blame her!) Right: Ms Annika Wijkström, owner of the pr-agency Studio Sankt Paul , showing off the x-mas star Is from Watt & Veke.

DSCN1671And a couple of shelves of lovely sweet smelling high quality french products from Durance can make any girl whimper from delight.


Beautiful silver jewelry from I am I jewellery. The genius behind these heavy pieces is the talented and beautiful Ia Junzell. Even though she has a bunch of kids she manages to produce new pieces all the time. My favourite is this one which goes by the name of Chris, it can be had for a mere 14 000 sek….









Left: wallpaper from Nadja Wedin. Right: innovative cake dishes and candle holders made out of recycled plates, cups and crockery in general. Exciting design by Ida Överby and her comapany Crème de la Crème.

DSCN1659             DSCN1660

EkPr’s showroom is a candy store for a materialist like myself. They carry many different brands, both within interior design and fashion. Madeleine Ek who owns the agency always makes sure that the press get a warm welcome. I spent an hour or so hanging out with Lex. We always run into eachother at these functions 🙂

DSCN1675Prints by talented Nadja Wedin.

formtva Now that girl sure knows how to use her paintbrush. This year she is nominated for the fine price Formex Formidabel. In January we will find out if she is the winner of prestigious interior design award. I’ll keep all my fingers crossed 🙂


Ms Wijkström showing off one of Studio Sankt Pauls latest additions, Agnes Bülow and Ateljé Alt.


Norwegian Slettwoll certainly knows the difference between good design and not-so-good design. They are quite expensive but besides furniture they carry all sorts of smaller artifacts that make the perfect x-mas gifts.

Well, this should keep you going for a while. Never know when I’ll be back considering the heaps of work I have lying around……ciao!








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