Donkey update


Last weekend my friend Billie and I did a good deed. We moved a starving donkey mare and her foal to greener pastures. The story goes: The two girls kept escaping from a barren place in the mountains, to come to Billies house for food and a little TLC. This happened again and again, and finally the owner got fed up and did a horrible thing! He tied the mare’s two left legs together with a wire, and for two whole days she had to endure this torture, until Billie discovered the atrocity. Crying profusely, she managed to cut the poor girl free, and after haggling with the owner he finally agreed to sell them. Then she proceeded in finding a new home. Thanks to wonderful Steve Wood, who has an animal sanctuary of sorts in Llucmayor, we were able to move the two girls to their animal heaven. THANK YOU Steve for providing two needy donkeys with a haven! Christmas came early for these critters.


Ginny and her daughter are equine geniuses and helped out with a horse box. The whole mission had been impossible without them 🙂


First came the coaxing of the animals. The mare has gotten quite used to us (especially Billie, as these are ”her” donkeys) but the foal is very shy.


And not very easy to approach.



Billie cajoling the lethargic mum into the box.

DSC_3738The hardest part was getting the little one in, but with some rope we managed to get her close enough to literally lift her in. She was heavier than she looked…


So far, so good. Off we went!


The first glimpse of the donkeys as they reached their new home, a bit shaken up to take it in at first.


They seemed to realize that we were doing good, because soon enough they stepped out into Donkey Heaven.

DSC_3748Went for a stroll, looking bright and curious.


New neighbors.


Interests peaked; what ARE those??? Pigs?


Alluring green meadows enticed their poor empty tummies. Yum!


They have since been given names; Poppy and Marion. The difference in their behavior was evident as they came to say thank you to us all. We sure look forward to Facebook updates on how they are coming along.


After a good day’s work we drove off home in the sunset. Poor Billie though, she had a clear case of separation anxiety, but we will soon find new donkeys to nurture. The hills are full of the poor things.


To all of you, from all of us: A very Merry Christmas!




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