Dogs, dogs and then some more dogs…and a few cats

I just finished my first writing job since arriving to this FAB island. And sitting at my desk with the most fantastic view outside the window makes writing a whole lot nicer than gazing out at the dark and snowy streets of Stockholm. That’s the best thing with my work, I can do it wherever I am 😀


Today I shall introduce you to some of the masses of animals in the neighborhood. Mostly dogs and cats of course, but there are sheep (with long tails!), donkeys, chickens, ducks, turkeys and wild goats in the mountains which sometimes come really close to the house.

DSCN2056Everybody seems to have a dog or two or three or more, but it’s not often that we see people walking them. Judging by the hysterical way they bark and throw themselves at the fence I gather they are extremely understimulated.

DSCN1866Many people have one big brute and one small doggie….

DSC_0650….while others have macho horn dogs that need to take a pee whenever Steffie shows her snout.

DSC_0093Some dogs are tiny and very happy. These two fellas were quite frightened of Steffie, who is usually cool as a cucumber and choses to ignore other dogs, but as soon as she passed by they came bouncing and wanted to cuddle. Really sweet and lovable.

DSCN2045The we met a cat. There are twice as many cats as dogs and considering the enormous amount of canines you can image the hoards of felines that lurk around the corners. Steffie goes haywire whenever we meet one and once and a while they get upset and hiss but most of the time they ignore her completely. Cool cats in Mallorca I must admit, although this one was NOT one of the cool ones.

DSCN2012Some dogs are gay.


Some seem very depressed.


Some are overly sociable.

DSC_0587While some are not. This one is a neighbor and she is fierce! Sooo happy for the fence or we would have do-or-die dogfights every time we pass.


And another angry cat, but this one is a tease as well. Loves to annoy Steffie from the top of a wall or from under a car where she can’t get to it. Hehe. Don’t you just love these soft furry creatures. I DO!!!

DSC_0653This spotted Great Dane really wanted to come out and play. Something I fear he doesn’t get to do a lot.

DSC_0604”Please please pleeeeaaaase let me out….”


Like I said: Some cats are cool and take time out in the sun, even though Steffie is acting like a mad dog. Our next door neighbor has 5 cats who love to sunbathe on the roof below us. I know they find Steffie very annoying but somehow they just shut her off. Usually she goes totally off her rocker so we have to lock her in.

DSCN1872Here and there in our beautiful village of Alaró there are these poop bins (with poop bags in a little compartment on top). I think it’s a wonderful idea but sadly I must say that judging from the huge amount of dog shit everywhere, the few people who actually walk their dogs don’t seem to understand the enormity of this service. Don Pelle and I are forever grateful as we always do our duty and keep Steffie’s poo off the streets.

DSCN1957Cool Palma cats, living in the streets.

DSC_0585Not so cool but very pretty.

DSC_0001This is Börje, my amazing cat that died two years ago at the mature age of 15 (check out my post from the 12 of Jan 2012; ”Elegi för Börje”). I’ve had many many animals but none that I loved as much as this fantastic individual. He was so human and we had wonderful years, he was a true five star companion. I miss him every day and wish that we could’ve had more time together, but…c’est la vie for us pet lovers. We more often than not outlive our much loved animals 🙁

016_21A-300x200Although I had a few dogs during Börjes lifetime he was not fond of them, but there was never any question of who was King of the castle. Believe you me; Börje taught the dogs the word R e s p e c t.DSC_0590Phew, after a long walk featuring many many neighbouring dogs, it’s time for a nap. Cheeriooo.



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