Difficult choice


After spending days and days looking at houses – many of them – my parents Don Pelle and Evita have settled for 2. One is a fantastic rustic finca-like building in the small mountain town of Fornalutx, nestled amongst the rocks.

DSC_8555It has a wonderful garden….


…and roof terrace, and a view to die for!


The other house is large and situated in the cosy village of Alaró (pronounced like Miró). Don Pelle and Evita feel it could be THE house 🙂


The view is not bad here either.

DSC_8600And it has a pool in a very nice backyard. The price can be good as some changes need to be done, so we shall see…

DSC_8470Meanwhile, I am at the hostel watching the dog watching the house. Well, watching might be too strong a word since it’s very warm. I’d say he is gazing at the street in a lazy fashion.

DSC_8619While I am trying out different outfits.


DSC_8620Now….which should I use for tonight, our last in Mallorca this time around. To tell you the truth, all three of us feel very sad.


Lawrence and Daniel have been the most helpful realtors. Don Pelle and Evita are really looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully in October.


Remember I was allowed to come along one day? Well, we travelled in style. This is Daniels car and I can assure you the trunk was FAB!


They say Palma is nice. A beautiful city (town?) in fact. There are plenty of very good restaurants and charming cafés. And some of the buildings are like pure art.

DSCN1583Some of the trees as well. Wonder how old this one can be…..?

DSCN1587A small group of people were assembling a gay parade. Not quite as big as the one that’s taking place in Stockholm right now, but still…..when the going gets tough, you know. My parents cheered them on. Way to go!

DSC_8584Evita just had to take this picture in a huge mirror in house number 3. It is situated in Soller but on closer inspection it wasn’t up to scratch. Nice mirror though.

DSC_8487When it all boils down, we are very unsure of how to go about the house-thingymagog. Should we buy? Or should we just rent to start out with? Stay tuned for the last chapter of this enticing tale, soon on a computer near you.



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