I am moving along at a brisk pace 🙂 Next up for scrutiny is Ceannis, a humongously successful Swedish company, established in 1988 by Ann-Louise Andrén, who at the time lived in Hong Kong.


Ms Andrén is constantly developing new products together with a team of clever designers. To focus on fashion and function combined with an all time high quality at affordable prices, has resulted in rapid growth, and  Ceannis has quickly established itself as one of the key players internationally.


They are especially well known for their bags.


There are many many models and colors to chose from, the quality is high and the prices are humane. Everybody can afford a bag or two from Ceannis.792-4-011011703img-thing copyThis fabric print is the look of a typical Ceannis bag, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The larger models resemble the carpet bags from way back when. Personally I have a small make up bag, and I love it!


Why not treat yourself to a light colored bag next spring? 🙂 A woman can never have too many bags and purses!


Or, what the heck! Why wait for spring? One might as well treat oneself – or a dear friend – to a slick black model. Ceannis has retailers all over Europe, and if you live on another continent, you order your products over the internet!


I simply adore their showroom, it’s very cosy and extremely stylish. Perhaps that’s why I always feel the material-me surface as soon as I enter their sanctuary…..this day we were treated to healthy concoctions that tasted……well…different….


More handbags. Ceannis also carries other goods like wonderful throws and cushions.


Quite lovely

DSC_9201DSC_9204The wallpaper is fantastic, can’t tell you where it’s from though….







I managed a discreet little selfie too 😀


Peace and love until next time. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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