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DSC_1940I have neglected you once again. This is due to a massive work load and visits from Sweden. The most wonderful visit was from my sweet daughter Sofia who studies so hard and well deserved the 5 days of chilling on the sun drenched terrace (well, actually it rained one day…), while I finished my Mallorca guide for the very exclusive So Safari Magazine. I shall tell you more about the lovely five star hotels that I visited, but not until the magazine is out and about 🙂 DSC_2109Now that spring/summer is here we have moved out of the house. Don Pelle keeps office on patio number one (we have five terraces). This is where we spend most of our time and we LOVE it! DSC_2031The Don and I had a very enjoyable visit from my dear friends Margareta and Louise over the Easter holidays. We have know each other since we were teenagers and still have great fun together. This day they decided to try on every sandal in the whole shop and I got slightly bored so I… DSC_2029….strolled about Mallorcas old district and snapped some pics (so what else is new???). DSC_2056We ended the evening at Emilio Innobar, one of the islands BEST restaurants where they serve mexican-japanese crossover food. We gorged ourselves until we had to be rolled out to the car (which was close by thank God), and needless to say, that evening we all went to bed early.DSC_2124The same day Margareta & Louise left Mallorca, my lovely daughter Sofia arrived. We had nearly a week together (which we haven’t had since she moved out five years ago) and it sure was a treat to have her all to myself. One day the drive went to Son Serra de Marina which turned out to be a nudist beach, much to Sofias embarrassment. The dog didn’t mind though… DSC_2141Here we came across a small girl conversing with her doll. DSC_2107I took Sofia to Macia Batle in Santa Maria which is one of the finest vineyards in Mallorca. We were expertly guided by sweet Mathilda (who’s Swedish) and Sofia had her first ever wine tasting experience. As usual it’s impossible to leave the place without filling the car with Macias best wines! DSC_2082Rows upon rows with fine wines adorned with pretty and colorful labels done by various artists. Macia Batle is exclusive and I highly recommend a visit when in Mallorca. DSCN2342For less fine wine and at a price of 1.55 € we sometimes visit a more discreet winery. DSCN2331At Bodugues Oliver they tap your wine into plastic bottles, and the result is somewhat….well……sour. But it serves it’s purpose and we much like the two brothers who run the place in Binissalem. DSCN2558I took a quick trip to Sweden, on the same flight as Sofia so we could hang out just a wee bit longer. After a few warm and sunny days in the country (where I did some gardening and other practical things) I went to Stockholm to attend a big birthday party.


My good friends Richard (far left) and Kayo (far right) turned 50 and had a wonderful 100-year bash. They are both singers and we all had a blast 😀 DSC_1531 Of course the weather changed while I was in Sweden and went from unnaturally warm to the more normal freezing cold (my main reason for emigrating) but luckily I was soon back in Mallorca where the Don and I went on a road trip to the lovely beach Es Trenc also also known as Platja de’s Trenc.


It’s by far the prettiest, and longest, beach on the island. It takes quite a while to get there from our hiding place up on the mountain in Alaró, but it’s sure worth the drive!

DSC_1955Our feelings toward the dubious medical facilities were hesitant, to say the least.

DSC_1963In Es Trenc we discovered mountains of salt.

DSC_1964Here they fill pretty cans of the stuff and sell in flashy shops at ridiculous prices. Well, whatever goes……a person’s gotta live off something…

DSCN2865And then it was time for another party when our dear friend Niels turned 50. He is a singer as well, we have a lot of those among our friends (Don Pell being one as well). Such fun and beautiful weather of course!DSCN2797

I am quite happy to be back home.

2532_10151946910581647_1452272521_nSo long for now, I promise to update more regularly in the future. Next week loads of family and friends will be filling the house with shrieks of joy and laughter. Will tell you all about it!





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