I am bored. Bored with winter. Bored with the cold. Bored with my stomach problems. Bored with not being able to do my lovely yoga because of a dislocated elbow. Bored with the article I am writing. Bored with myself. Bored bored bored.

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I am so bored my eyes have gone from blue to grey.

So what to do? Well, since I spend most of my days sitting in front of the computer, writing articles for various Swedish magazines, I get bored of letters, numbers, typos. You name it, BORED! That’s also why I haven’t bothered with this blog much lately. 

I mean, there’s no need to worry, this just happens once in a while when life just seems to go into slowmo. An occurrence that usually comes around this time of the year. So don’t get me wrong. Plus this is a time when fun things happens in Stockholm. The big furniture fair is kicking off next week, there are loads of new design releases and parties parties parties in the name of journalism and pr. I miss my family, my old friends and my colleagues and I’m just…bored…


So what do I do to help myself (an expressions therapists love to use)? I drag myself out of the house to feed donkeys, go to see friends and do some serious shopping in Palma, or spend the Sundays at the huge flea market in Consell. Last Sunday I went with my (new) friend Helen. She knows how to cheer me up!


All the crazy little knick-knacks make me happy. So many useless things that nobody wants line the roads of the very large market space.


I forget to be bored for a while as I snigger at the various ”treasures” that the rough traders try to unload.


Like….WTF? Who needs an ancient computer anyway? Ohh, at least they are seriously wrapped in plastic. How considerate.


If my daughter were a little girl I would get these for her, but in light of my very old age (although still too young to be a grandmother) I can’t find a reason to buy them.

DSC_4109I love to buy things when I am bored. Don’t you? It makes life so much more fun…for a few hours at least. Most of these guys are impossible to haggle with, and thank God for that or I’d come home with lots of stuff that I don’t need.


Like a couple of arms and a praying rug…


But as I was all in for spending all the money I had in my purse, I did buy one of these door stops for Don Pelle. He looked really pleased when I presented it to him. Even he knows that everything can’t be Rock n Roll.


Finally I met someone who was as bored as I am.




These guys looked sinister and made ugly faces at me when I brought out my camera. In these days of war and mayhem in certain parts of the world, I don’t want to get bigger problems than just being bored.


Both Helen and I fancied this beautiful antique Bali statue, but we felt 350 € was a little over the top (which it probably isn’t).


I’d rather buy an exclusive bag…which I did over the Internet a few days later!!! On sale I must add. Gucci no less!


One of the routines of visiting the flea market, is to stop by the chicken couple for a quick bite to eat. This day the husband was slightly more than tipsy and kept giving his wife a hard time.


He was intent on showing off her flowing hair.


There we go!


She must be the most patient woman in Consell.


While he is just plain obnoxious….and probably a little bored…


He insisted we buy his home made olive oil, and commenced on drawing a map to their house. In Mallorquine. To make sure we didn’t doubt him, he presented an Id-card. Very funny indeed. And the chicken was as delicious as always.


That Sunday I forgot I was bored, thanx to Helen and all the funny things for sale. Apart from the door stopper hen, I bought a couple of glass carafes, and a flower pot. Not too expensive in the end.

And I will come around, I always do! Thing is, I am a summer person – winter does not become me. So long my friends.

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