Book release

DSCN3359Our happy-go-lucky friend Johan Lewenhaupt (left) likes to dabble in many different creative fields. He makes records and writes books. This day saw the release of his latest Mallorca guide book: Palma Walks. Unfortunately, for all you English speaking people, the book is in Swedish. It is full of useful and quite ”off-the-beaten-track” tips.


His publisher Göran Nohlgård is a loyal friend and colleague.

DSCN3357Not only do they work together now and again, they also seem to have great fun doing it!

DSCN3368Happy guests, left to right: Helen Key, Lena Neogard Thomander, Fredrik Thomander and Don Pelle.









The event took place at Rialto Living, which, in my opinion, is the most exclusive interior store in Palma. Owned by Swedish couple Klas Kall (ex. founder and designer of GANT) and Barbara  Bergman (who also works as a graphic designer), the store sprawls over 800 square metres of fashion, furniture, books, gifts, accessories, art and a café.









I am lounging in what I’d like to call a high backed chair (..or tall backed…?). The Don and very talented artist Niels Jensen were discussing where to go and have dinner.


We ended up at Bar Dia, a very quaint and qenuine Mallorquine tapas bar.


We enjoyed it immensely 😀


So did the other guests, whoever they were. In Palma everybody is happy and very friendly.


The waitress was pretty stressed out, but still took time to pose with the Don.


A random guy with the ”Bar-Dia-look-on-the-face” after a perfect meal.


From one thing to another. Today was the happiest day in my life exactly 24 years ago, when my lovely Sofia was born. I am impatiently waiting for her to wake up so we can have a Happy Birthday Skype conversation. Wakie wakie.













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