Bicycle Makeover

6a00d8341cc63553ef0147e337d782970b-800wi has been collaborating with a highly unlikely actor:


Why? do you ask yourselves….


Because Skeppshult makes bicycles! And Face Stockholm make-up 🙂

Surprising isn’t it?


Gun Nowak is the founder and owner of Face Stockholm and she was delighted when Skeppshult contacted her for the innovative collaboration: ”It felt like the right thing to do and when I visited the factory I was filled with energy!”


Göran Mathiason from Skeppshult gave us a small demonstration of the bicycles who have been laquered in four of Face Stockholm most popular nail polish colors.


The handles are wrapped in finest leather and the comfortable leather saddle will soften in time and become worn in and really nice to sit on 🙂


Photo: Patrik Johäll


The press event attracted quite a few journalists and bloggers.


I believe this is colour no 93…


Amelia Adamo is Sweden’s no ONE magazine woman. She has been amazingly successful as Editor in Chief for a long line of magazines, Amelia being the most popular of them. In the past she has helped bring many declining magazines back up to the very top.


Photo: Patrik Johäll

Ooooooh, do I miss summer! Winter refuses to let up and we’re struggling with bitterly cold temperatures – still minus at night and I am thoroughly fed up with my long johns!


Yummmmmie, press lunch in a box.


Amelia, Gun and Skeppshults Jonas Andersson pose with the pretty bikes. Anybody with 10 000 SEK in their pocket can buy one of these glossy two-wheelers and if I didn’t already have a bike I’d get one of these babies in a jiffy!


Happy Ester y’all!

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