DSCN3012So I took a quick trip to Berlin. The main reason for this was a surprise birthday party for my dear friend Philip B (you know, the man with the FABULOUS hair products) but since it was a detour on my flight to Sweden I decided to stay a couple of more days :-).


As usual I was there with my cool and darling friends Håkan (left) and Carlos. Håkan spent a week chilling out with Don Pelle and me in Alaró, and we traveled to Berlin together, where we met up the ever busy Carlos who is an engineer in Gothenburg.


I must admit I have mixed feelings about that city. On the one hand I think it’s great fun, but on the other hand I find people in general rude and unfriendly (the female receptionist at the Titanic Hotel topping that list!!!). Plus there is a really seedy touch to parts of Berlin that doesn’t appeal to me much. But enough negativism now! These were great days and nights and all of it thanks to my friends (who are anything but seedy!)

DSCN3004Maybe it’s the dark history of the city that throws a somewhat apocalyptic shadow across it. So many horrendous things have happened there that my knees go all wobbly. Above is part of the Berlin wall that’s become a tourist attraction….I can understand the need for future generations to know what happened; the horrors of Hitler and his murder squads should never ever be forgotten. Not to mention the Stasi….

DSCN3005Anyway, I don’t visit Berlin to become depressed. The three of us had too much too do, too many places to go and too many people to see.

DSCN3018Carlos & Håkan have been to Berlin many a time and know just about everything that’s worth knowing. We had a merry time that first day/evening.


10386749_10152283660298262_8311688858562932829_nWe went to the Martin-Gropius-Bau museum to try to catch the wonderful David Bowie exhibition, but it was full so we had to change our plans and did a little sight seeing instead. I managed to get in 2 days later, yeeeaaaayy 🙂 It was FAB!!!!

DSCN3019The Protestant Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (Gedächtniskirche in German) is located in Berlin on the Kurfürstendamm in the centre of the Breitscheidplatz. The original church on the site was built in the 1890s. It was badly damaged in a bombing raid in 1943. And it looks….very strange..


The town is full of artful objects if you only keep your eyes peeled. We Swedes are not especially spoiled with this kind of art, since we’re not allowed to show off our talents in public…..I think that’s why my friends and I are so observant whenever we visit another country. Live and let live!


We went to the recently built Bikini House, which is a mall full of empty spaces. Somebody I talked told me this was a costly project and that perhaps the timing was a bit off considering the lack of money in most peoples wallets.


Still, some people have some dough, that’s for sure. This Mercedes costs nearly € 166 000…


Not too shabby huh?


I did find some sunglasses I liked at Mykita, but thankfully the shop was closed.


We decided to go to…

DSCN3033…the Monkey Bar! But I will tell you more about that next time. It’s an amazing place and deserves it’s very own blog post.


Afterwards we ventured out into the Berlin night where you can find all sorts of exciting stuff. How about a pig on a stick?


Or a huge bowl of exotic party liquid. I bet you lose your mind after one of those.


It was getting late and after a very long day I was starving. Carlos, who knows everything about Berlin, took us to a Chilean ceviche place (Berlin has a big Chilean community).


I can recommend Cevicheria! The restaurant doesn’t look like much but the food! OMG!!!


We saluted our friendship with a crisp white wine


10389702_278453099023247_1817409329302706070_nAnd gorged on the delicious platters that kept arriving at our table in quick succession.


Carlos ran into a long lost friend. How about that????


Then the evening was over and it was time to go back to the hotel. ZZZZZZZzzzzzz

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