DSC_0306 I promised you an update on the devils party, Visca Sant Antoni. As I already mentioned it’s one of the biggest festivities of the year (although it seems that every party is the ”biggest” and ”most important”). Anyhow, after witnessing the magnificent village hallaballooo last Thursday I’d be surprised if they could come up with anything bigger, more important or better rehearsed! I say WOW, and BOY did we have fun, Don Pelle and I!

DSC_0339Everybody came out to play even though it was raining most of the time.


For the children this is THE PARTY of the year (except for the 6th of Jan when they get all there x-mas presents of course).


Children and adults alike were dressed in devils garb.

DSC_0351Although some turned up in civilian clothes. May the force be with you!

DSC_0272Many children were up to no good this evening, as they should the little devils 🙂


The medics were relaxed and despite masses of fireworks nobody was hurt (a miracle actually; I burned a few strand of hair but then I was a photographer in the midst of a war zone…)

DSC_0258Every street corner had it’s obligatory bonfire.

DSC_0329The bank was boarded up.


DSC_0276The sweet man in the square sold all kinds of devilish paraphernalia. I think he almost sold out. Parents were extra generous this evening 🙂

DSC_0324Around 8.30 we thought we had seen the end of the fun…

DSC_0362…but then we ran into the big devil’s meeting outside the Town Hall. Somebody told us that the big one was just starting….

DSC_0368… so we followed the procession around the village.

DSC_0372The drummers.

DSC_0377On the outskirts of town, we all took time out for a quick pit stop. Note the Head Devil dressed in a red cape. He was mighty thirsty.

DSC_0379I gathered an array of photos of wonderful true Mallorquin characters.



DSC_0400Best looking man in Alaró!

DSC_0383Even the drummer boys were required a quick beer before….

DSC_0450All Hell broke lose!

DSC_0476Once again we embarked upon a journey around the village.

DSC_0486A somewhat eerie journey I must admit. The constant drumming had a near hypnotic effect and with the rain and all the fireworks….well…Don Pelle and I were Gobsmacked!

DSC_0511Once we returned to the square they brought out the Monster of Monsters!


And while people were cheering madly the monster was slain. That was that.


The party was over.







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