Back to reality

DSC_8859 We’re back in Sweden and we brought the hot sunny weather with us. It’s marvelous! It was a tough trip for me as we had to change planes in Düsseldorf and you can imagine what my transit (4 hrs!) was like 🙁 So now I am relaxing in the sun after a good night’s rest, drinking Evitas lovely home made cordial. DSC_8521I shall finish this odyssey today, guess you’ve had enough of Mallorcan house hunting for a while. Hopefully there are many of you that have followed our quest. Above picture says it all, on this island all the roads are tight and curvy.

DSCN1622No matter where you happen to be, they all end up by the sea.

DSCN1625DSC_8713Any which way the compass points, it’s gloriously beautiful. The Mediterranean  is clear, salty and forever enticing you to take a plunge.

DSC_8739How cute isn’t this!

DSC_8574In Soller there is a fresh water trough with the clearest water from a mountain spring. Delicious!

DSCN1612Evita didn’t want to leave the island…

DSC_8473And Don Pelle is forever the attentive parent <3

DSCN1648In Palma one can always find good food. The popular and extremely busy tapas-bar Tast forked out tapas delicacies in a speedy manner. Evita says YUM!

DSCN1649The chefs work in a supersonic pace…..

DSCN1650…to produce these little goodies and many more like them 🙂

DSCN1642Another place that was a pleasant experience was the Japanese-Mexican crossover restaurant Emilio Innobar. DSCN1640It was without doubt the best dinner my parents had during our ten-day stay in Mallorca. Without doubt. DSCN1643On the tiny street of Calle Concepcion these huge windows are a dead giveaway. No chance of missing the place but be sure to reserve a table well ahead of time as they are very busy.

DSC_8834Eventually we had to go to the airport 🙁 here we are waiting for the bus.


I’ll miss the palm trees.

DSC_8842 At Palma Airport I found this huge picture of my famous family. The poor girl who’s stuck in between the cars is an distant cousin and you needn’t fret, I heard she’s ok – only had to stay in the hospital for a day or two. I had a quick drink with her before leaving for Mallorca and apart from a couple of bruises she looked her old pretty self. DSC_8844

Here I go again! I am a true globetrotter by now 🙂

DSC_8848Bye bye Mallorca. See you soon again!

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