Another visit to the coast


This time we took at trip down south, to the former fishing village of Es Molinar. The weather was pretty grey and it was certainly not a day for wallowing in the waves, but the ocean is always lovely, no matter what (especially when you live in the mountains, and hardly ever see it)!


It was a Sunday and many people were strolling about, with or without dogs. Even though it’s winter (well…more like spring actually) children love playing in the sand. There was a picknick of sorts close by.

DSC_0812Beautiful but chilly. No day for a dip….

DSC_0785….or? Check out the people in the background, all dressed in winter jackets…

DSC_0767Steffie didn’t mind the cold winds. She was in top mode.




DSC_0770Fit for fight once again. And clean 😀

DSC_0787The Don checking out the horizon. It’s easy to imagine the pirates of times passed.

DSC_0828DSC_0825     DSC_0820

The seaside has a row of quaint little houses, although some are in need of repair…


In desperate need of repair….

Those birds are not real, they are part of the installation.


A pretty little lighthouse is built right on the boardwalk (stonewalk?).

DSC_0802With a bird on top…

DSC_0808…and surrounded by pretty mosaic artistry.


Like I always say: art is everywhere to be found. And if you can’t find it – make it!


Art also comes in many different shapes and forms. Graffiti is one artform I find very tantalizing. It’s so……INYOURFACE.


We walked passed a house with many dogs. I had to stifle a giggle when I noticed the dog sitting on his pal. Never seen the likes before, talk about subduence…

DSC_0822Nearly every house had a banner of sorts …something about saving the port. As I understand it, the city council had plans to scrap the cute little port of Es Molinar, but thanks to the people’s uproar they’ve decided to let it be.

DSC_0789The world is full of people, and people are always great subjects for any photographer. I always wonder what goes through their heads right at the moment I immortalize them with my camera.


For example: Is the fish really important to this guy? Or is it just the peace, and being out of the wife’s way that makes his day? We shall never know.

DSC_0829Some more Evitart.

DSC_0816Coolest man in Es Molinar that day.


Another cool fellow, this one is warming his tummy on the roof of a back car.


Some people know to decorate their patios. Send on the mermaids, yeayyyyyy

DSC_0831Oops, maybe not this specific mermaid. There are prettier ones out there, I promise.


So, it’s time again for the biggestpartytoeverhitAlarotown. And the rest of Spain. Hehe. Love this place! So much fun!DSC_0797

Stay tuned for updates. I am a lucky girl and I sure like to share it with you.

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