And then we reached Alaró…..

DSC_9626But first we had to meet with the bank, the real estate agents Daniel and Gloria, The sellers Axel and Ingrid, the lawyer Nathalia, the notary, another lawyer and who knows who else. Anyway there were a lot of people present and copies and more copies of every imaginable document were passed around, signed and stamped (fact is, I am still making copies that have to be stamped; water company, electricity company, tax office etc etc….)


Daniel and Gloria Arena Oe are married and their real estate company is thriving. They sport some houses, I can tell you. Our’s is quite small in comparison. If you wish to buy a house in Mallorca, Mallorca Site is the place to contact 🙂


The deal went down in a most delightful way and soon we could take our overfilled car and trudge up the mountain to the house on the top of the hill, where we will spend the rest of our lives.


The parking lot is crude but functional. Besides, it doesn’t cost a cent.


We have five terraces and the view from the very top is mesmerizing.


Though the staicase reaching the topmost platform is extremely narrow so sun chairs and such will have to be hauled over the roof(s)


Well hello! I’m not the only one in awe of our new home 🙂 Don Pelle can’t really believe his eyes.


The chimney.


The top floor consists of a studio with another lovely terrace.


Here we plan to do amazingly creative things. The sunken space has already transformed into a cosy tv-space with lots of cushions. This will be our relax room for when we get stuck in our creative flows.


Coming down the stairs, the kitchen is to the left and the small patio on top of the guest house is partly shaded by a pretty pepper tree.

 Axel and Ingrid are lovely people and we clicked immediately. They came to see us our first morning in our new house (and their old) to show us everything we needed to know.


They introduced us to their close friends Libero (left) and Martina (far right) who were sweet to invite us to dinner the next day. Our first dinner party – whohooooo 🙂 It was very nice! Pretty dark haired Marga works for Mallorca Site and she has been a wonder woman! She has helped us with just about everything and I am sure we would still be waiting for our internet connection if it wasn’t for her. Her husband Javier has also been around to help us out with the more physical aspects of the house.


Axel is a swell guy, and a little sad to leave the house, but he and Ingrid live in Hamburg and didn’t spend enough time on this beautiful property for it to be worth it. But they told us they had 15 lovely years here and they think we are the perfect couple to take over. I hope so! They are so welcome to come and visit!

DSC_9693The lemon tree. Behind it is an almond tree. That’s so exotic! I suppose the Spanish would think so of an apple tree. I can hardly wait to start cultivating plants and veggies of all sorts in the small but neat garden!


The guesthouse, or the Casita as we prefer to call it. It’s not too cosy this time of year but come march-april and it will be a lovely place to stay.

DSC_9671      DSC_9694

Left: the steps leading up from the garden to the main building. Right: part of the big terrace where we shall enjoy many meals and parties in the years to come!


On the roof of the casita we drink our morning coffee and watch Alaró wake up to the sound of roosters, donkeys, dogs and goats.

DSC_9698Our neighborhood is quite classy, we like to call it Alaró Hills. Because hills (and steps) it is and our leg muscles are already bulging. Besides, the houses here are very nice indeed.

DSC_9672A perpetually blooming bougainvillea covers one of our walls, life could certainly be a lot worse!

DSC_9747”Although geographically the municipal district of Alaro has a total of eight mountains, with the Puig de Font Fresca at 836m and the Puig Ventos at 274m being the highest and lowest of the eight, it is without a doubt that the silhouettes of the almost symmetric mountains of Alaro at 822m and Alcadena at 816m, are the most outstanding images of the area.” Read more about Alaró

DSC_9687All the excitement has been tiring for Steffie who just loves to take a nap in the sun. Outdoors or indoors, it doesn’t matter.


That’s it for now folks! I shall soon be back with more interesting news about our lives in the loveliest of islands. Hasta luego!


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