DSCN2982 Before I move on to my three exciting days in Berlin, followed by three not so exciting weeks in Sweden, I shall introduce a few friends of ours that came to visit. Martin Rössel and Ulrika Huss dropped by for a drink with their pals Klas (who is a Swedish music industry legend, check out Telegram Studios) and Erika Lunding  plus their two amaaaazing daughters Anna-Stina and Flora. We had a grand old time. 10492179_10152998420264741_5679739564280387026_n The three stooges: Klas, Don Pelle and Martin. DSC_2179 Klas and his family own a cute apartment right by the water in Port Andratx, which is a swazzy place to hang out for the people who are on the up. DSC_2180 On Lundins top terrass you can see the whole sea (haha). The apartment has the perfect location and up there… DSC_2185 The Don and I hung out with our own special house guest.. DSC_2183the honorable actress Lotta Ramel. I have known Lotta for a very very long time (since we were kids) but it’s only now in recent years that we have become close. Lotta is great! Her father was Swedens top most entertainer back in the old days, Povel Ramel was a close friend of my family and the sweetest and funniest man alive. By far! DSC_2189 Like I said, the view is magnificent. DSC_2194 Lotta had pain in her feet so she wasn’t supposed to walk. That’s sort of difficult considering our house on the hill…well, she managed well enough I’d say, because now she’s back in Sweden and traipsing around on stage again. DSC_2200 Down by the seaside you can chose between many restaurants and bars. I asked Klas if it wasn’t a bit noisy at night, and he had to admit that is was. Bummer. But still….it’s pretty nice 🙂 DSC_2202 We had a beer. DSC_2212 and met a baby girl. DSCN2954 Then we were back to Galery Calatrava where our friends Dag & Kita showed fab paintings by another friend of ours, the famously talented artist Bego Riba. Chilling out in front of her paintings; my niece Sara (right) and British Anne were in deep conversation. DSCN2947 The mighty Bego herself. I am about to buy some work from her but have a hard time choosing a picture, as she has gone through so many styles and is SO extremely talented. As soon as I make up my mind I promise to show you! DSCN2943 Dag Daram (left) is one of the owners and a good friend. He is great at making things happen. DSCN2945 Niels Jensen is also an artist. And Begos boyfriend. He used to be a teenage pop star in Sweden, but that’s a long time ago. Nowadays he is still active with his music, but mostly he is a painter. I love his work and will buy a painting from him as well. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the girl…Veronica? Viktoria? Viveca? DSCN2957 Galery Calatrava as elegant as always. DSCN2952 Andrew is the other owner (as you, who follow me, know by now). Of course we were in the same mode, he is a photographer.

DSCN2953 2DSCN2953


Paintings in Begos latest collection. Very photorealistic. Or….VERY photorealistic. Next up she and Niels (they do everything together, true love) have an exhibition in London, at the Infektory Gallery on the 27th of September.


Saras foot hurt…


And The Don was particularly tired of to all the socializing (imagine: weeks). He’s a more private sort of guy.


So we returned home to Alaró.


This past week we had Amanda, Pelles daughter, stay with us. Amanda designs jewelry and I think she has a great future in this field. Check out


She doesn’t eat meat so we bought a lot of fish, which is always a happy occasion here in Mallorca.


And we spent many hours at the beach. So long my friends. See you soon again, and don’t forget: Berlin coming up!!!

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