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Well, I’m really sorry to keep you waiting like this, but I am about to change my life completely and there are a lot of things going on. Don Pelle and I took a quick trip back to Mallorca to check out a few more houses and LO and BEHOLD! We found a beautiful place, but I do not want to talk (or write) about it until we’ve sealed the deal. I sold my apartment in Stockholm and am in the process of packing up all my furniture… between all that I have places to go and people to see. The only problem right now is that there are only 24 hours in a day….so I beg you to be patient with me and this here blog. In time you’ll be able to follow my adventures right here but for now it may be a bit slow.

Anyhow, today I shall introduce you to a talented duo who design handbags. Like many many women I am crazy for bags as well as shoes. No matter how many we have, we always want more. As for bags in the high end section there is a relatively new star in the sky.

CCD Profile Picture

Christina Christersdotter consists of the brilliant design duo Christina de Mercado and Anna Ellingsen.

Linnea LargeCecilia I-pad


The bags and purses are so pretty they certainly belong amongst the top brands such as LV, Gucci, Prada and Mulberry. Now that I am getting rid of a lot of stuff that I’ve collected throughout the years (like designer handbags) I shall not invest in another one, no matter how beautiful. Well….not at the moment at least….but you might be interested in checking out these two girls and their web site.

Louise_Python. copyChristina and Anna recently presented their fourth collection which is elegant and strong. Sharp feminine silhouettes combined with a masculine determination is the name of the game next year. All sorts of Swedish celebrities choose classy bags from Christina Christersdotter (such a long and complicated name though…I’d prefer something short and snappy 🙂 and I can understand why. The most prestigious of their clients being the H R H Crown Princess Victoria.


Gimme gimme gimme


I love these glamorous pictures of the Brigitte Bardot lookalike. They certainly nailed it here!

Giselle.. copy

Jade_Stone. copyAntonia copy

Louise copyMia

Marie. copy


Don’t you agree that the emblem is beautiful. This iPhone case is a jewel!


Christina’s and Anna’s story goes:

”Anna built and managed a large professional competition stud and rental business. Christina is a Parsons trained designer specialized in tailoring and eveningwear, with several design awards in her career. Together they share a strong and well-established feel for stylistically pure design and quality. Together they wanted to create a work of art in a quality bag for the modern woman. CCD has the ambition to create a modern feel – without compromising quality and practicality. The exclusive bags are handmade in Florence, Italy, out of superb Italian leathers, in one of Italy’s premier factories. This combined with Swedish clean, modern design creates a luxury bag beyond the norm.”


Gotta go, gotta pack. Stay tuned while I’m chasing the dream! 😀












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