Alaró Hills – our neighborhood


Many of you have expressed a wish to see the interior of the house, and so you shall, but first we want to get everything in order. Pictures need to be hung, chairs to be bought and beds to be made. So please be patient, you will not be disappointed 🙂

DSC_0026Today I have decided to take you for a walk in our neighborhood.

DSC_0012Alaró is a village with roots that go way back to thee 13th century and there are lots of interesting historical sites. This, for example, is the well and pump shell of Ca Na Fara. It is part of the hydraulic network that ensured the supply of water emanating from the spring of Ses Artigues to the village centre. In use since Muslim times, the spring  was documented by Gastò de Bearn (a highly reputed warrior) in 1232 in ”Capbreu” (which I think means a historical letter of sorts). The distribution of water throughout the village is well documented ever since 1595.

DSC_0006From one well to another. In this pond reside some goldfish. And I suppose it’s the water supply for our local donkey.

DSC_0017Not all houses are all that welcoming.

DSC_9722But these two extremely friendly doggies always come to say hello when we walk by.

DSC_9727Though this is not really the case with the cats….

DSC_9726Most of them shy away from Steffie who is not the most cat friendly dog in Mallorca..

1522114_10151893718143262_367825757_nWhat??? You takin´bout me?

DSC_9994A clever way to ensure that your clients NEVER forget your name and number.


Steffie always finds bits of food and other interesting (yuk) stuff to gobble down…..

DSC_0001Most houses are built of these yellow stones, as is ours. Some are very old and some are quite new. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. I think our house is about 200 years.


Well hello 🙂 the agave grows in mysterious places! Certainly very exotic for us Swedes.


Another historical mark in our ancient village: The washing place of Son Rafalet is connected to the water supply network that I told you about earlier. People in the village used to meet her to wash their clothes way back when. I could almost hear the voices of the women in times passed.

DSC_9725In January/February these almond trees will be in full bloom. I promise to document it as it’s supposed to be a fantastic experience. Legend says they were planted by a Moorish king whose Norwegian wife missed the winter snow! I suppose it’s the Mallorquin version of cherry blossom.

DSC_9720Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) blooms very day of the year. I love it!

DSC_9745Also a way to curb a cactus.

DSC_9717And these ones are so cute when they are babies, when their spikes are still soft little blips.

DSC_0016The street lamps of Alaró are quaint but give off a very strong light. Annoyingly so as we have one right on our corner that blinds us as soon as darkness settles.


Santa on a rope is very popular here (this one is now drunkedly lopsided after the storm we had a week ago…), as are The Three Wise Men on a rope. This is about as christmassy as it gets (Oh, and of course the one giant inflatable snowman that I encountered in the village!)

DSC_9757Climbing up the hill a bit gives you a most wonderful view of the valley below.

DSC_9753Far above civilization.

DSC_9756Ancient olive trees grow everywhere! In fact we have one in our garden and I learned the hard way that olives can NOT be eaten directly from the tree. They taste like pure poison!

DSC_0027Another neighbor with a fad for x-mas.


To encounter a beautiful Snapdragon  on the last day of the year is a pleasant surprise! Oh I know, I am really nerdy when it comes to plants of all kinds. Bear with me!

DSC_9996From the three of us to all of you: We wish you a very Happy New Year! May the force be with you!


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