Alaro Art


A few times a year the art galleries in Alaro are wide open for all to visit (otherwise they are mostly closed, which is a little peculiar). With paintings and sculptures and snacks and wine they entice friend and foe to check out their collections. This is great fun for an art lover. In August the village has it’s big fiesta week (as do all villages on the island) and the gallery bonanza is one of the attractions.


The day before Art Day the village lets the children go crazy in the street. With paints and brushes they are free to decorate for all they are worth.



Hopefully the children get English spelling lessons…


Don’t you just love it?!


The main street was closed off and since it never rains in summer, the paintings lasted for a long time.


Needless to say, the kids were a mess!


But the next day/evening it was the grown-ups time to show off some art. This gallery is called Lichters, and was once established by a relatively famous German painter by the name of Alfred Lichter. He was a painter and sculptor who lived and worked in Mallorca for over 30 years. He died in 2012 at the respectful age of 95. A year before his death he established a foundation with the goal of preserving the artistic œuvre of Alfred Lichter. All the paintings in this huge gallery are by him.


Some are really nice, while others are not so much fun. And they are very very expensive!




The sculptures look like giant turds painted in various colors…

Sorry Alfred….





If you keep your eyes peeled you notice subtle expressions of art in unusual places.


Unfortunately these artists are usually anonymous, although one can probably read about them in the the Alaro Bulletin, which for us is difficult as we don’t understand Mallorquine…


Some people certainly don’t lack inspiration.

DSCN3284Don’t know the name of this place. Most of the time it’s hidden behind a massive steel door. It’s a lofty gallery with a feeling of ”less is more”. Every child that enters immediately start playing with the thingy that hangs from the ceiling, which results in cries from the owners, followed by profuse apologies from various parents.


I use my camera to make art.


Next we visited Maíllo en Mallorca. It’s a fab gallery with several exhibits by different artists. Don Pelle and his daughter Amanda were gobsmacked, as was I. Unfortunately I cannot name most of the artists, but there sure were some fine paintings, photographs and installations on display.



Love this photographer, can’t recall the name though.

”Amapolas” by Xavi Muñoz


”Montse” by Paco y Manolo


Painting by Santiago Ydañez


The gallery owner was content in his very white office 🙂


We passed him going up the stairs. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to fill with art in this place.



On the plaza, in front of the Town Hall, we stumbled upon this installation; a huge plastic bag crammed with stuffed animals. Hmmmmm, okay…?


It was great that Amanda managed to visit this particular week, when the village was raging with full fiesta fury. The festivities ended in a huge KABOOOOM, which I will tell you about next time. So long 😀







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