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In collaboration with I, me and myself I have decided to give you three updates about products for your home. Las week was another one of those hysterical press weeks. So much fun, but also so much running around and taking pictures whilst doing some serious networking.

DSCN1137It was a bitterly cold and wet day and we were served tea and scones. The tea is very special. Imported from France and very high end as the brand Theodor only uses the highest quality leaves. Yum. And the tins are beautiful as well:



It is not cheap but then you need but a pinch to get that sweet tasting and golden liquid that caresses your pallet in a most delightful way 🙂

DSCN0419Earlier this year Theodor had their own press event and my friend Stefan Nilsson was put in a dilemma: which one to choose? We were only allowed one and I’ve yet to find out which one he fell for in the end. Personally I settled for a pink can which contains Rooibos; red tea from Africa. It’s said to be really good for your health.


Anyway, that’s not the real topic of the day. The topic is a world of interiors. Well, maybe not a whole world but I will show you some new products that might spice up your homes. Mateus is a fine Swedish company who produces pretty ceramics:               ”Mateus offers you the best of two worlds. Portugal, where the ceramics have a deep rooted and time – honoured place in the culture, and Sweden, where the interest for fashion and design is widespread. An ideal combination.”

DSCN1139They reckon we should have a white Christmas, and….Why not?

DSCN1140But meanwhile it is supposed to be spring. The beautiful flower arrangement was an eye catcher and and simply divine!

DSCN1188As usual the showroom at Sia was stuffed with all sorts of interesting things. It takes time to sift through it all but with a lot patience and a chunk of concentration it’s possible to discover the true gems.

DSCN1183Like their collection of picture frames…

DSCN1191….lovely little vases….

DSCN1190….tea light lanterns…..

DSCN1187…and funny stuffed animals. These are not the cuddly kind, they are actually door stoppers!

DSCN1192It’s always a treat to browse through their rich collection of home accessories. The best part being the prices!


For most people Ceannis are well known for their vast collection of bags. There are so many different variations and colors and I think everybody (at least every Swedish woman) has one. But Ceannis is so much more than bags.


They also carry a wide range of home textiles such as cushions and throws. As they are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year they are taking a new approach and present spring and autumn collections at the same time. Check out their web site.

DSCN1166 Linum is another fine Swedish company with a lot of beautiful textiles. These lovely cushion covers are Tie-Dye on some sort of velvet and I LOVE them! they belong to the collection Stormy Weather with key words like: thunder and clouds, shades of grey, colour verses shadows, genuine and down-to-earth.

DSCN1167The Stormy Weather table cloth is also a Tie-Dye of sorts, but instead of a print it is woven. It’s amazing the things one can produce nowadays.

DSCN1178Aubergine is the new black……

DSCN1144…..and pink and orange will fill the streets as well as our homes this summer.

DSCN1171Maybe it’s time for a new blanket? Or sheets? Linum has it all.

DSCN1164Yummy salmon salad at Ceannis – we all stuffed ourselves.


My dear friend and colleague Yvonne Gull and I always have fun together 🙂

DSCN1185Ciao for now. Gotta go now! Tis a busy time for people in my profession. While you are waiting for my next update you might want to check out the brand new and very classy web site for First Class Magazine.

MatzThomassenWe are mighty proud and wish to pay homage to Matz Thomassen who is the internet whizz behind it.








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