A world of interiors Part two

Here we go again! For a materialist like myself the shops are – and will continue to be – full of lovely products for the bedroom, kitchen and living room. I am especially fond of high quality sheets because like The princess on the pea I am extremely sensitive to bad beds and cheap and wrinkled sheets (not to mention crumbs!!!!Gaaaaah!!!)

princess-and-the-pea-jennifer-kellyPainting by Jennifer Kelly.


In Sweden we have quite a few high end producers of bed linens. These amazingly inviting sheets are designed by a new star on the Swedish design heaven; Agnes Bülow at Ateljé Alt produces linens as well as furniture and other home accessories. Check out her website!





This is another of Agnes brilliant designs.  A plexi glass mirror – light as a feather – which can be mounted onto any kind of wall. Preferably on one of her own brass hangers:


Delightful 🙂 The image on the left is by Inredningshjälpen. 


She also designed the bed side table which has a brass ”coaster” embedded into the table top.


Gorgeous textiles from Nadja Wedin.


Watt & Veke produces lamps and shades. I and many with me love their stuff. They have taken the whole world market by storm and continue to come up with interesting design in the lighting department. Here are their new shades that can be used for all sorts of lamps.

Indiska continue their quest in offering us colorful objects for our homes. The styling of their press events are always stunning, and they have a very successful web shop. Amaaaaazing prices!


So inviting it makes you want to take a seat and drink a cup of tea 🙂

DSCN1310I am not the only one who enjoys their vents. My colleagues are equally in awe.

DSCN1205Mille Notti is a fab company who designs and produces high quality bed linens and such:      ”Good quality lasts, just like timeless design. That´s why you, as a customer of Mille Notti, can rest assured that everything that carries our name is made of the highest quality and has been produced ethically. That was our firm conviction when we started our family-run company in 1991, and it remains our driving force today. Choosing bed linen, terry towels, down pillows and duvets or products from our organic spa collection should work wonders for both body and soul.”

DSCN1202This spring they held their event at Hotel Stureplan which is situated smack in the middle of Stockholm…..

DSCN1201…..with a beautiful view of Birger Jarlsgatan.


I have always been very fond of their products (and have actually spent some money on them as well!). This year they designed three new collections in collaboration with three Swedish authors. Their ”Bed & Books A/W Collection 2013” is a fun concept that I haven’t come across before.

DSCN1193Swedens most notorious media profile, author Alex Schulman chose the Dolce Vita bed set, Signore pillow case, Paula head board & Napoli bed skirt.

DSCN1194The very talented chef and cook book author Daniel Couet likes to frolick in the Amore & Signore bed set, Signolo & Satina pillow cases, Velluto cushoin cover & Riposo cotton throw. The bed set is my personal favorite….’

DSCN1205Denise Rudberg is one of the queens of crime novels. She prefers the more feminine Singolo bed set, Amore pillow case, Velluto cushion cover & Piano Piano throw.


Left, Schulmans pillows and right, x-mas sheets.

DSCN1015With cushions like these from Ellos, who needs paintings on the walls?

DSCN1415Hemtex is a brand that used to be so-so…..but they have really shaped up. Nowadays they produce fantastic textiles. Here you see bed sets in design by the famous Swedish designer Sven Fristedt.

DSCN1417Please note my friend in the back, the famous stylist Camilla Julner  🙂

DSCN1414Hans Hjelmquist and Karin Sköldberg from the Pr agency Trendgruppen are always charming :-), and with this I wish you a very nice evening.

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