A world of interiors Part Three

It’s been several weeks since my last post and I feel a little ashamed – sometimes I am a bad little blogger girl, but I’ve had so much to do so I feel ok about it anyway. The weather is crazy, sunny and warm every other day and raining and cold the rest of the time. Swedish summer in it’s prime….

DSCN1362So why not feel chirpy and do some home decorating. This basin is one of a kind (hmmm, actually they can be ordered with a few different motifs) from Solitaire Design.

Magic-Ink_angle-550x365    Sheer-Blue-Angle-550x365


Two Swedish women, Maria and Anna, were thoroughly fed-up with white wash basins and came up with these beauties. Please check out their web site!

DSCN1351This is Norwegian Slettvoll again. I’ve mentioned them before and will probably do it again. Love their stuff, it’s smart, handsome and some of the products actually fit my thin wallet.

DSCN1182A beautiful haute couture ”spark screen” for the wood burning fireplace. It’s all chrome and I would hope it stays that way, in spite of the heat from the fire. From Sia.

DSCN1400Now here is something for the RICH chef 🙂 These Japanese knives are state of the art and they are certainly not cheap. Designed by the master Okishiba Masakuni and every one of them is unique. The story goes:

The unbelievable tale of these unequaled knives, a story about a Japanese bladesmith, Okishiba Masakuni, the Van Gogh of blades, also called “God of Blades” by other Japanese. Okishiba Masakuni San became the smith of smiths in Sakai, the Japanese city in which work is often traditionally done by hand, until he died a miserable death of a liver disease in 1990. Okishiba had become self-employed at an early age, after his 17-year apprenticeship to his father, the renowned bladesmith, Okishiba Masatsugu, and had opened a small forge in his house, as was and today still is often customary in Sakai. Within no time, Okishiba was getting the best prices for his products, which he would sell to the Association in Sakai, a customary practice at the time and one which is still often followed today. Okishiba was a lone wolf. No one, not even his wife, was allowed into his forge. All too early, this brilliant master bladesmith fell victim to alcoholism. He spent all his money on it. He worked in order to make money to buy alcohol. And yet, his blades remained unmatched. No other bladesmith manufactured knives of this quality. To date.

DSCN1395Famous Swedish rock musician and tv-chef Plura Jonsson can attest to that. He owns a specimen himself but refused to divulge the price.

DSCN1389Prices range from 15 000 sek to 200 000 sek and are said to be the most expensive knives in the world.

DSCN1399Johan Almling is the proud founder of Vikingsun who is the wholesale distributor for the Okishiba knives (as well as a lot of other high end kitchen products).

DSCN1402Three happy girls, from left to right: Eva Littorin, Erja Tolppi & Mia Bolin. Erja is Marketing & Sales for Vikingsun while the other two run the pr agency Tres Pr.


Pretty tea wear from Rosenthal. With or without the blue decoration.

DSCN1354Love the clock, vintage style from Slettvoll.

DSCN1372Pretty table wear from  Mikaela Willers

KoppPretty cup from Hemtex. Design by the very famous Swedish designer Sven Fristedt (I mentioned him in my last post. Sheets, remember?).

DSCN1410They had a nice press show a couple of weeks ago. It was a sunny day and I could use my bicycle. I don’t like to bike when it’s raining which means I don’t get a whole lot of exercise…

105000_goteborg_004188How about sprucing up your living room with a pretty lamp (1 200 sek) or two from Swedish Markslöjd?

”Markslöjd offers high-quality lighting for homes and public spaces.
Our lamps combine functionality with Scandinavian design. At Markslöjd you will find Christmas lights and LEDs, retail lighting solutions and spotlights. Modern or classic lamps of Swedish design and quality.”

DSCN1176Linum sure knows how to design a stylish showroom. Depicted are some colourful summer products.

Okidoki, enough now. I hope to finish off all the piles on my desk soon. Only then can I concentrate fully on this lil’ blog o’ mine 🙂 Until then:



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