A small slice of Formex


Formex is a ”thing” fair that happens in Stockholm twice every year, in January and in August. Most of the stuff exhibited is quite uninteresting, and when I visit the fair I am always overwhelmed and shocked to see how much stuff we produce. Is there really a need for it all? I don’t think so and I think the earth would do so much better if we produced a lot less. Anyway, there are some really nice ”things” as well and luckily the press gets invitations from the brands that are of interest.


Like Skruf for example. The very Swedish company has been making glassware since 1897 and as I am crazy for glass I must give them a little push (not that they need it, but still….). The bottles as well as the tea light holders are designed by very famous…..


…..Ingegerd Råman.

DSC_8910DSC_8909Agneta Livijn is an industrious potterer and artist who as well as makes cups, bowls and other crockery also paints pretty impressionistic pictures. I really like the colours and the light feathery feel of her paintings. Her pottery is quite the opposite; sturdy and durable. Agneta has had a lot of success the past years.

DSC_8863Habitat finally arrived to Sweden. It’s not really what it used to be, back in the good old day’s of Sir Terence Conran who founded the company in 1964 (I just wrote a hefty article on Sir Terence, no stones unturned :-)) He has nothing to do with the brand anymore but but we still enjoy having the store in Stockholm. Habitat had a huge show case in the main hall.


Love the furniture!



DSC_8895Kateha is a well known carpet manufacturer who’s production is largely for the public sector. As with many old Swedish trade marks they have been producing rugs for ages! Barbara Hosak is a brilliant textile artist and the seventh generation ”carpetier” to provide companies and private homes with gorgeous carpets. The rug on the wall behind her is a showstopper!


As usual I ran into Ingrid Munch and her lovely LOVELY spices from German Herbaria. Every time we see each other the spice family has grown and sport new exciting mixes.




At Ljungbergs Factory I had to take a time out, because here I was shocked by the new order of the textile company who has been producing fine prints since 1834.


In February the company was taken over by Jonas and Madeleine Wåhlander who have managed to blow new life into it. Not that Ljungbergs was boring before, oh no! They have a most fantastic method of applying prints and patterns to high quality textiles, but this couple has certainly brought it up to date. You have to check out their fine website.

DSC_8878They collaborate with designers and artists in making new patterns for fabrics and wall papers. Nyström Persia (Daniel Nyström & Christian Persia) is the designer duo behind the latest pattern; the black and white Salmiak.

”Nyström Persia is a Design Studio that works within a range of design disciplines. Our main fields are Interior, Architecture, Products and Identity Design. We believe that brand strengthening design can be expressed in many ways. Our means are mainly through three dimensional- as well as two dimensional design.We love to work with our clients and not just for them, meaning that we together develop the goals for our collaboration. To begin with it’s all about finding the right questions. Once that is done, the inspiring process off reaching our goals can begin.”

The guys are great fun!


The next fad for Ljungbergs is to actually make fashion out ot the new prints. These clothes are designed by Naim Josefi, and I just loooove the pant suit to the far right, that is sooo Evita!

nzbcckkwegtkh4ofpvbrNaim Josefi was the winner of the first season of Project Runway Sweden last year. He sure is talented!

DSC_8965And now to another very famous figure; Moomin (or Mumin as I have always known him) is bigger than ever. Children all over the world have fallen in love with the wonderful Finnish character and his family and friends. Mumin was invented ages ago and even I grew up loving the stories madly.


DSC_8985Tove Jansson, his maker and a very clever author, would have turned 100 years old next year, therefore there will be a huge Mumin-party. Just to show us all how important an event it is both Mumin and the very famous Mark Levengood were invited to give a small speech. Mark is a super funny Finnish-Swedish man and he speaks in that sing-song accent which is very typical of Mumin and his friends. A perfect match!


Last but not least I want to introduce you to the citrus squirter from Lékué, a Belgian provider of innovative and tasteful ideas for the kitchen.

1233589_10151677382553380_106272573_nHave a nice Sunday :-D!

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