A most beautiful island


I hope I will never tire of the spectacular views on Mallorca. Wherever we go the scenery is mesmerizing, not matter if it’s a mountain, the ocean or a quaint little village. At the moment I am writing a ”guide” of The Baleares for the very exclusive So Safari magazine, and since I really ought to know what I am writing about, the Don and I have been exploring the island. Way up north is place called Formentor. Simply beautiful with it’s steep cliffs plunging into the ocean 100 metres below.

DSC_1184Awesome 🙂

DSC_1087Just can’t get enough of it.

DSC_1102Considering the time of year, we are lucky to enjoy the beauty without the disturbance of a zillion tourists. The Formentor beaches are very popular amongst the rich.

DSC_1144Close by is the town of Pollenca with it’s port. We weren’t impressed but stopped off anyway…

DSC_1151…for a beer and a tapa or two.

DSC_1295Further down south there is a lot happening. The closer you get to Palma, the more hotels there are. The view from Hotel St Regis Mardavall on the south coast is fab.

DSC_1346And the side entrance is mighty impressive…


I quite enjoyed their five star hospitality.

DSC_1330Like I said: summer is not here yet, so I can only imagine the shrieks, laughter and bantering this place will bring in a few months time.

DSC_1337Still, the resort was not entirely empty.

DSC_1365For the city type of person Palma is no less beautiful than the spectacular scenery going on in the rest of the island. Here is the massive cathedral from a birds point of view.

DSC_1382Here’s the building in all it’s glory. Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma took a long time building. Starting in 1229 it wasn’t finished until 1601. Imagine how many people spent their whole lives on that one project. Amazing!


Hotel Cort, here seen from above, belongs to the exclusive collection hotels that go under the flag of Design Hotels


Hotel Can Cera from the inside…sorry, I can’t show more images from the hotels as I am bound to a contract.

DSC_1378I can show you a wee bit of Corts facade. Pretty red details on a lovely hotel with the BEST beds in Palma!

DSC_1398Palma is ancient.

DSC_1399But here and there one stumbles across something very modern. Note that the bin has the same color as the yellow stone work.


Now we are up a bit on the west coast, in the pretty little town of Estellencs.


Good friends of ours run a restaurant there. Arandora is a petit place with a wonderful menu. It’s good really good reviews on tripadvisor.


We were a bit in shock after seeing the vast areas of land that were devoured in the raging forrest fire last summer. It actually happened while we were visiting in July and I remember it took days and days before they had the fire in control.

DSC_1461So we had to take a stop and have a coffee at Restaurante Es Grau, precariously perched on the edge of a cliff.



DSC_1497             DSC_1504
Torre des Verger was built in 1579 and here they used to scan the horizon for pirates. Read more about it on the internet, it’s quite exciting 🙂

In the 16th century, pirate attacks on coastal towns and villages reached a peak. Numerous historical records of these attacks on towns and villages like Andratx, Estellencs, Banyalbufar, Port del Canonge, Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller and Pollença can be found. As a result, a decision was taken to improve the surveillance system, and the construction of a series of fortified towers began, equipped with weapons, at most points where sentries had already been posted.                                                                         It may not look like a big drop but I assure you, it is!


Don Pelle does not suffer from vertigo

DSC_1514The next village after Estellensc is the quiet (and clean) town of Banyalbufar. We noticed hordes (well…) of trekkers. Fact is, this part of Mallorca is very attractive for trekking. So is Alaró, and the reason is the Tramuntana range that runs right along the west coast up to the northeast.


Then we did a quick tour of Valldemossa (where Michael Douglas is said to have a house) which is said to be fantastic. Most likely is, but….the Don and I prefer our own very genuine Mallorquine town.

DSC_1204And off we went into the sunset to get home in time for dinner. Hasta la proxima!





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