20 houses later….


Well now, Don Pelle and Evita have been very busy indeed. I think they have been to at least 20 properties and every night when they come home they are completely muddled with all the impressions. This is the square and market place in Alaro. I’m not sure but I have a feeling we might end up here.


I hardly get any attention at all….so I took myself down to the ocean. I didn’t dare go in the water as I was on my own, but one of these days….


Two lovely views from the large village of Andtratx. There is a gigantic fire blazing close to the town but the wind swept it towards Estellencs and 700 people have been evacuated.

DSC_8497For days planes have been water bombing the fire and we haven’t seen the end of it yet.

DSC_8416In the town of Soller there is a Farmers Market, in Spanish Cooperativa Agricola de Soller. Evita tells me it’s a most wonderful place where the local farmers sell ecological produce and such.

DSC_8413Wine on tap for instance. One litre of delicious Sangre de Toro costs 2.15 €. A BARGAIN!

DSC_8417In this ”secret” chamber one can fill simple plastic bottles of fine wine. Maybe I’ll get to go one day, but I am still too young to drink.


Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) grows everywhere, and in masses! We love the abundance of flowers in Mallorca 🙂


DSC_8433The lovely little town of Fornalutx which happens to be on UNESCOs World Heritage List. Don Pelle fell in love with a house there.

DSC_8435Don Pelle and Evita had lunch with their favourite realtor Daniel Arenas Oe who is the owner of Mallorca Site . He is a really nice guy  and one day soon we will buy a house from him (yes, I have met him).

DSC_8501Here we are in the port of Andratx. See have the attention they lavish on me?


I think my parents felt sorry for me or something because one day they actually let me go house hunting with them. I am forever grateful.

DSC_8513On the road.

DSC_8486Strange fruit.


Port de Soller.

DSC_8475I feel a little worried about the electricity, but I needn’t fret because I am made of plastic!!! Whoohooooo!


Another beautiful view from one of the houses we looked at.

DSC_8463When we came back to the Hostal San Telmo, Don Pelle took a time out…..

DSC_8461…while I dressed for dinner. This was my outfit for the day. So long for now. Stay tuned ‘cause I am far from done with my updates from Mallorca.


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