Mirror Glow & More

These displays of Jakobsdals products are scrumptious! I just love the parakeets, they go so well with the lovely textiles.


DSC_9290Jakobsdal has been going strong since 1920, and they continue making lovely textiles for all corners of the home. Have a look at their web site; it’s full of fantastic images of their design.




The quality is amongst be best you can find in Sweden, and that is no small feat for a company that is one of many excellent Swedish textile manufacturers.


Jakobsdal pride themselves by following the Scandinavian interior trends to assure that the products harmonize with our homes.

DSC_9292DSC_9303Sofie Johansson (goes by the name of SofieForm on Facebook) is a textile designer who recently launched her pattern ”Mirror Glow” in collaboration with Home Decor company Boel & Jan. Inspiration came from the movement in a creek not far from her home. She was fascinated by the bubbles that formed and reformed as they travelled down the stream. In Sofie’s imagination, the bubbles came to represent city people stressing their way through life. The pattern comes to life on cushions, dish towels, curtains, bags and more. AND the price is right 🙂


Last, but not least, I want to present Grand Hotels scented candle. The scent of champagne contains notes of grape, rose, vine-ripened peach and white musk. Mmmmmm.  The container is simply beautiful, and once the candle is all burnt out, the china jar can be used for other things. Can be bought at the hotel’s very own web shop, 595 sek.






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The talented Lisa Larson


As I mentioned in my last update, Lisa Larson is a top notch sculptor and a well established ceramicist and designer, both in Sweden as well as on the international scene She is close to 85 and still continues to receive offers from various design brands, and there are heaps of books and magazines about her. Famous among others for her sculptures Small Zoo, ABC-girls, Africa and Children of the World.


I’ve had the pleasure to meet and talk to her several times through out the years, and although she is one of Sweden’s most famous artists, she is always extremely friendly and down to earth. Not at all full of herself, which – by our standards – is quite unusual for an artist with so many years of success.


Kid’s mug from Cervera.

From the end of February, the stores will be carrying Lisas very latest collection ”Djurpark” (zoo in Swedish) ; Childrens’ bowls, flat plates and mugs designed in collaboration with Optodesign and – of course – Cervera.fishinkblog-1828-lisa-larson-1

Lisa Larson started out in 1953 when she began working for Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik, which is a very old company that manufactures porcelain – established as far back as 1825! Lisa stayed on for 26 years and designed more than 300 items. diska001-01

Skansen is the world’s first open-air museum, founded in 1891. It lies in the very heart of Stockholm. Here one can stroll through five centuries of Swedish history, from north to south, with a real sense of the past all around in the histori­cal buildings and dwellings, peop­led by characters in period dress. Live versions of Lisas Skansen animals can all be seen at the zoo.


A few more of her sweet – and coveted – animals. NeconoDigitalCatCameraThis is a funny little thing. A very typical Lisa Larson cat turned into a camera! She teamed up with the staff at PowerShovel, Ltd. to create the Necono Digital Camera. It’s a digital still and video camera with magnetic feet so you can stick it to any metal surface and take interesting photos. The right eye of the kitty is the lens and the left eye is a blinking light that indicates the self-timer. The camera uses a microSD card and hooks up to your computer with a USB cable. Now ain’t that swell 😀


Glass lion for Royal Krona. The company seems to have expired, can’t find any information about it on Internet, but there are a whole lot of auction sites that sell their fantastic glass objects.


 ”Japanese woman” from 1958, stoneware wall mask ”Demon”.


The children Johanna, Malin & Kalle.


Dogs, dogs and then some more dogs.


Lisa Larson now and then.


Not just ceramics…

typg miranda ljungbers

Upholstery textile ”Miranda” for Ljungbergs.

193761107_f72f3484-13f8-4ac0-8fac-6b8278ec8084Picture 56

I adore her ceramic tiles!!!!


Lisas famous bulldog.


More tiles. Gimme gimme!


Lisa hard at work way back when. I could go on and on about her work, but somewhere – and somehow – I have to stop. Her portfolio is brimming with wonderful figures and design. A lot of it can be found on various action sites, so go google. Ciao!


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Studio St Paul


Here’s another one of may favorites. The staff at Studio St Paul always come up with some kind of theme for their press events. The last one I went to was no exception. Above is a lovely mix of different design. Rugs and some of the cushions by Chhatwal-Jonsson. Other cushions by Sofie Form and Carina Björck. Lamps ”Grenverk” by Belysningsfabriken Konsthantverk.


This time it was bling bling and lots of pretty colors. Studio St Paul has their fair share of exclusive brands and right now Jonathan Adler is in high demand. All the pottery is by him. Beautiful trays in the new pattern ”Bluebird” by Nadja Wedin, cushions by Lisa Ling, who, by the way, is a very talented artist as well. The paintings above are hers. More cushions from How Kudd You. ”Kudde” is Swedish for pillow/cushion 😀


Jonathan Adler (50 this year) is a potter, designer, and author. Adler launched his first ceramic collection in 1993 at Barneys New York. Five years later he expanded into home furnishings, opening his first namesake boutique in Manhattan.


This is also Adler. Interesting fact: the flower that’s covering the private part of the torso is a little drawer. The perfect place to hide small items!







Lovely soft throws (left) from Foxford. I have mentioned them before because I am a great fan.  It’s just THE brand to choose when you are hunting for that new blanket, scarf or high quality baby products. White flowerpots by Mikaela Willers. The armchair in the middle is a design by ABC Collection upholstered in a print by Nadja Wedin, and the quirky dresser to the right is by Jonathan Adler.


LOVE this by Adler! $ 88 online, and comes in black and white too!


Paper weight by Lisa Ling.


Mmmmmmmm my fave Foxford.

Left: Beautiful trays ”Flower Power” by Nadja Wedin.

Right: Fantastic bed linen from Chhatwal-Jonsson.


More Adler. <3 those boxes!


…and more…


…and more…


…and more…


Comfortable armchairs for big and small from ABC Collection.

More Jonathan Adler. The last one, I promise! These figures bring me back to my childhood. One of Sweden’s coolest sculptors, Lisa Larson, designed similar animals way back before I was born. Her pieces are collectors items today and worth quite a bit. I shall tell you more about her in my next update. I have already written about her once before….check out the post ”One of a kind” from May 2012. The text is in Swedish.


Annika Wijkström is the founder of Studio St Paul, and she and her team have been very successful ever since 2005. Annika ALWAYS has a twinkle in her eye.


Last spring the theme was ”old train station”. We were all amused, to say the least! On the right Annika is captured with the one and only Amelia Adamo, Sweden’s most famous mogul. Without her, the success of interior and lifestyle magazines would’ve been nil. She is such a bis star that she even has her own wikipedia page.


Before I go, I have to introduce you to Lady. She is barely 6 weeks old and arrived to my every growing family of animals yesterday Isn’t she a darling!!???




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Linum & Mateus

Lazy Bones, that’s me. I have been extremely lazy these past weeks, but that might have to do with my newly acquired puppy, Kajsa.


I will tell you all about her eventually, and before I shower you with my adventures in Costa Rica, I have to finish off my design news. I am nearing the end of my quest for fresh new design (spring 2016)  and I really want to share it with all of you, no matter where you live 😀


Linum is a very successful Swedish brand that is especially well known for lovely textiles.


It’s always a delight to go to their press events, the products are lovingly displayed and everything looks so soft and inviting!


And I certainly can’t complain about the yummie things us journalists like to stuff our mouths with 🙂

DSC_9213DSC_9214Here is what that say about themselves:           ”Linum is proud to present a new chapter in our history of Swedish Design since 1966. We continue to design and produce collections with an authenticity in our heritage. We design our products with sophistication through simplicity. Linum pays attention to subtle detailing with an aspiration of designing the small details to be both beautiful and functional. Our products are designed to provide comfort, long lasting use and enjoyment in a quality you can see and touch.”


Linum is adding sturdier items to their ever growing collection of Swedish delights. Don’t you adore those marble mortars, bowls, chopping boards and the likes. Take a look at the website and discover the very humane prices.

DSC_9229DSC_9226This spring they have launched the most beautiful brass candle holders – prices range from 55 euros. And check out that lovely brass apple (or bowl), 109 euros. The scented candles are very nice as well. Plus they are seem to be immensely popular, as many of them have sold out already.


”We want our products to be loved and used over the years. We care to preserve our high quality and work carefully to keep a high standard in our materials and production. Our patterns are designed and well coordinated in programs, to last over time. We always work with patterns, stripes and prints and our textured solids are Linum hallmarks. Linum products and materials are tactile and we have since the beginning been inspired by Swedish nature and form tradition, colours, patterns and textures. Linum is made to be touched!”


Linums next door neighbor goes by the name of Mateus, another Swedish brand that becomes more and more popular as the years go by. They are well known for their earthenware, which is 41998-Redigera-715x536

”Mateus offers you the best of two worlds. Portugal, where the ceramics have a deep rooted and time – honoured place in the culture, and Sweden, where the interest for fashion and design is widespread. An ideal combination.
All our products are handmade in Portugal by skilled artisans, each lending a personal touch and uniqueness to each and every piece. The enduring quality of the design offers an endless range of combinations for creating the perfect setting for each occasion.”


Mateus offers 7 different collections, please check the lovely website for more information.

 DSC_9236 DSC_9235

In the showroom I came across a lovely young lady who designs pretty cushions. Filippa Lundahl is a talented designer and her company goes by the name of Fillie. Check out the website, it’s packed with cushions and other fine products.

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Happy New Year from Costa Rica!

DSC_9832I am taking a break, but will soon follow up with the rest of the latest trends in design. I promise. In the meantime I just want to wish you all a ”Sweet Sixteen” and show you some lovely photos from Costa Rica, where I am having a well deserved holiday!





A proper update or two will come to your screen later on this month. DSCN3849

This is a lovely country.


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I am moving along at a brisk pace 🙂 Next up for scrutiny is Ceannis, a humongously successful Swedish company, established in 1988 by Ann-Louise Andrén, who at the time lived in Hong Kong.


Ms Andrén is constantly developing new products together with a team of clever designers. To focus on fashion and function combined with an all time high quality at affordable prices, has resulted in rapid growth, and  Ceannis has quickly established itself as one of the key players internationally.


They are especially well known for their bags.


There are many many models and colors to chose from, the quality is high and the prices are humane. Everybody can afford a bag or two from Ceannis.792-4-011011703img-thing copyThis fabric print is the look of a typical Ceannis bag, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The larger models resemble the carpet bags from way back when. Personally I have a small make up bag, and I love it!


Why not treat yourself to a light colored bag next spring? 🙂 A woman can never have too many bags and purses!


Or, what the heck! Why wait for spring? One might as well treat oneself – or a dear friend – to a slick black model. Ceannis has retailers all over Europe, and if you live on another continent, you order your products over the internet!


I simply adore their showroom, it’s very cosy and extremely stylish. Perhaps that’s why I always feel the material-me surface as soon as I enter their sanctuary…..this day we were treated to healthy concoctions that tasted……well…different….


More handbags. Ceannis also carries other goods like wonderful throws and cushions.


Quite lovely

DSC_9201DSC_9204The wallpaper is fantastic, can’t tell you where it’s from though….







I managed a discreet little selfie too 😀


Peace and love until next time. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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Trendgruppen PR

As usual I am lagging behind, but sooner or later the important stuff reaches this blog and – hopefully – many eyes out there.


Trendgruppen is one of my favorite pr-agencies. We have had a lot of help from each other throughout the years, and of course I try to visit them every time I go to Stockholm. Karin Sköldberg is the founder, CEO and Senior PR Consultant and Dang! She’s good at her job 😀                                Photo by Christopher Hunt.DSC_9146

The china in the image is amongst the most beautiful in the world. Royal Copenhagen has been around for eons, since 1775. The company was founded by Queen Juliane Marie of Denmark:                                                                                                                                ”Juliane Marie was adamant from the start that each piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain would be stamped with its unique factory mark: the three hand-painted waves that symbolise Denmark’s waterways, the ‘Oresund’ or Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt. The queen also introduced the royal crown stamp to highlight the factory’s royal association. The crown has changed over time and can be used to date each piece of Royal Copenhagen.”


The china in this picture is called Swedish Grace and produced by another almost ancient porcelain manufacturer, the well-reputed Swedish company Rörstrand:

”For almost 300 years Rörstrand has been synonymous with quality and fine craftsmanship. Our plates and tableware have been handed down from generation to generation and become heirlooms, classics and collectors’ items that have written themselves into Swedish design history. Perhaps this is because we have always understood that quality goes beyond mere durability and functionality.”


As Trendgruppen has many clients I can imagine all the hard work behind every press event. A lot of products have to be on display and it must look nice and tasty. I think they manage very well, although it does take some time to let it all sink in. The client bank include Iittala, Arabia, Rörstrand, Royal Copenhagen, Mimou, String Furniture, Tingest by Alexander Lervik and many more. There is no way I can list them all here, so please check out the website for more information.


At the mention of Alexander Lervik, who is a very famous and renowned Swedish designer, I can’t help showing a few items in the collection of small things in his side project Tingest (which means a small thing):                                                                     ”The Tingest brand offers products for the home inspired by Scandinavian design heritage. The majority of the items are manufactured in Sweden in association with carefully selected skilled craftsmen and based on a commitment to natural  materials, sustainability and ecology. “For me, this is a long-standing vision: of creating and manufacturing exclusive home décor items hallmarked by design excellence, fine craftsmanship and local manufacture in Sweden”, says Alexander Lervik.

DSC_9158DSC_9153Naturally he’s had help from a few of Sweden’s most well known designers to create this collection! The lamp – Vinda – in the picture above can be placed just about anywhere. Left: a favorite of mine: a clever hanger called Butler. Right: A delicate vase that goes by the name Trädkrona. 




This year Alexander himself showed up to present the new objects. He is famous for his elaborate and very expensive furniture design, so it was good to see him smiling happily over these smaller ”tingestar” 🙂


Just check out these crazy chairs!!!! Left to right: Spike, Wire, Bubble. Hehe, I think Alexander’s great fun and his design is a sound investment for the lucky few who can afford it.


Another favorite of mine! I love anything that has a practical side to it. Isn’t this simply divine???? It’s called Servitören, which means waiter.


As usual the very tiny showroom was packed with journalists and bloggers – and perhaps one or two curious passer-by’s.


This discreet yet sophisticated bowl is one of many items in Cerveras new line Joy. Cervera is yet another Swedish brand but not quite as old as the others. Established in 1987, the company quickly rose to fame thanks to the good prices, which enables most people to buy fine products for their dinner tables and kitchens.


Anybody who knows me well, knows that I have a special weakness for faucets (!!). I especially love the high tech look and Dornbracht is the master of these! The German company (yes, I have mentioned them before) is high end and the showers, taps and bathroom fittings don’t come cheap. Theodor Odgaard gave us a fab presentation of the new collection. Check out the website!


Alvar Aalto was a brilliant Finnish architect and designer, as well as a sculptor and painter. His work includes architecture, furniture, textiles and glassware. His lovely vase, designed for Iittala, can be had in different colors and sizes.


He was so famous in Finland that he became a stamp after his death in 1976.

DSC_9173DSC_9172Mimou sells textiles like towels, throws, curtains, sheets, rugs etc, but they also carry other goodies: hand printed posters for example.                      Left: Paris Love. Right: Dragonfly. Price: sek 395.


Another Royal Copenhagen for you. This is called Svart Rifflat.


Lovely displays, don’t you think?

Render-2.ashxAnd who doesn’t loveMumin. Or Moomin as he is called nowadays. I grew up with the fantastic original story books and Mumin and his family and friends will forever be a huge part of my life. The earthenware goods are produced by Finnish Arabia.



Cheerio! See you very soon! I have lots of fun stuff to share with you 😀




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Not lost in Stockholm


Stockholm is a lovely place to be if you are the fresh-air type of person. The parks are many and they are vast; nature greets you around every corner and even though the weather is shite most of the time, you buckle up, dress warm and out you go!


I was lucky to catch some sun, which is unusual in November. But it’s vital to hurry out, because it is pitch dark by four o’clock.


It is easy to see the beauty in a cold light though.


Not that the lake looks inviting, but I can assure you that it is fabulous in summer!


My best friend Evalotta (whom I miss a lot!) lives in close proximity to Vinterviken, a pretty rural-like area on the outskirts of Stockholm.


We passed a funny and innovative playground 😀


The Architekt was certainly creative!


But I am sure this home owner was peed off when the city decided to build a freeway right above his pretty house. I must add that it is a very important freeway.


We caught the last rays of a very rare November sun.


The difference between winter and summer is HUGE! And I suppose that’s why all Swedes go bananas when spring finally arrives (sometime in April, May or – worst case scenario – June).


Still a little color left…


…and this bird seems to have missed his/her flight. The geese usually leave in October.


DSC_9322Liljeholmen used to be an industrial area, but it’s been fixed up with lots of nice buildings, and living on the edge of the water (which there is a lot of in Stockholm) is always nice.


There is even art to be had!


So long amigos. May the force be with you.

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Lost in Lluc


So yesterday was the perfect day for a little hike. I set of with two of my favorite girls, Helen and Karin, early this morning for a nice and lengthy hike in the mountains of Lluc, which is situated in the northern part of the Tramuntana mountains.


We started off with a coffee, and to discuss the route. Both Helen and Karin are experts at this, they usually know their way around.DSC_9624

We saw a bunch of trees with bark hanging in shreds. These are probably Gum trees (a kind of Eucalyptus) who shed their ”skin”. It’s perfectly natural although the poor trees look messy.


As the hiking routes crisscross the mountain sides we are pleased there are signs to help us on our way. At least in the beginning. As you venture deeper into the bush, the signs get more and more scarce…


…although I sure wonder who was sent out to time the different paths…was it a full grown man? Was it a tiny woman? Or was it perhaps a very speedy child? I mean…57 minutes???1 hour and 1 minute??? 3 hours and 1 minute??? Seriously?


Anywhow, we moved on at a brisk pace.


And came upon unexpected dwellings…


What is that? A giant pit deep in the ground in the middle of nowhere, with no access to the bottom whatsoever. Just high stone walls all around. Maybe it’s meant for gladiator games? We were gobsmacked.


The day was beautiful and a little chilly. Hey, it’s the end of November after all.


We continued our trek, chattering happily all the way…


…and then we were lost!


So we took to the road.


And can you believe it! Out of two choices, we decided on the wrong one and ended up having to hitchhike back to civilization. OOps


A house!!!


With a pretty garden!


Boy, were we happy to be on the right track again! 😀


Our starting point was the Santuari de Lluc. And it was a blessing to arrive back after hours of walking.


In the end as was well. Of course we were very hungry but as our hike dragged out, all the restaurants had closed for the afternoon….aaaarrrgggghhhhhhh. Hasta luego!




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Dress your face with Anne Semonin

I have discovered wonderful new (for me at least) face products. Anne Semonin is a French brand that has a lovely philosophy and – after trying out the products for nearly a year – I can assure you the facial creams are like caviar mixed with pearls and champagne!AS Phytarosa Serum4 (300dpi)This serum works miracles! I love it:

Complexion enhancer
Tan prolonging properties
Anti free radical

110 €

AS CreammaskGentle comfort
Luscious & velvety texture
Ideal for dry skin

49 €

The cream mask is equally lovely.  Instead of washing it off, I use it as a night cream 😉


Firming Intensive Complex

€ 85

”Formulated by experts in cosmetology Anne Sémonin strives to provide a bespoke range of effective and luxurious anti-ageing treatments, hydrating formulas, products for sensitive skin, for balancing and radiance, pre and post exposure to the sun and for restoring radiance and youth to the delicate skin around the eyes. These skin care solutions have been designed, centred on the Anne Sémonin philosophy that each individual can discover their own beauty ‘prescription’ according to their skin type and lifestyle.”

AS Oligoprotect cream (300dpi)miracle_eye_contour_anti_wrinkle_cream_1AS Extreme Comfort Cream (300dpi)

The three look alike but are not!

Left: Oligo Protect Cream SPF 15. € 78              This one is simply heaven!

Middle: Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream. € 128

Right: Extreme Comfort Cream. € 78

as_active_contour_o_100 % Active Serum

€ 137


Youth Radiance Elixir

€ 300

At that price it ought to be fantastic! Haven’t tried it myself though….


Oligoanne Serum

€ 110


These are fun and cleverly packaged! A must-have!!!

Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes

€ 50


As if the beautiful products aren’t be enough, Anne Semonin has spas all over the world. above is the Huvafen Fushi Spa in the Maldives.


The Park Hyatt in Dubai.


Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Marriot Hotel in Sisli in Istanbul.

And many more, check out the website for more information: http://www.annesemonin.com

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